Monday, 4 February 2013

Motivation Monday - Brighten up your Workout!

Brighten up your Workout!


It's that time of year where you start thinking about burning of those Christmas calories and yearning to get fit for the up and coming beach holidays.
People always ask me how I find the motivation to go and I admit I find it hard sometimes to drag myself to the gym, but when I have been I feel amazing, energised and ready for the day. I also know I am one step closer to being beach body ready. 
What you wear to the gym is as important as what you do at the gym, as it has to be comfortable, properly fitted and suitable for the type of exercise you might be doing that day. I find adding colourful gym wear to my wardrobe helps me stay focused and motivated and I also feel good about myself when I have something on that looks & feels great.
Gym attire can be expensive but it's defiantly worth shopping around to find affordable but well fitted clothes.
I have put together a few outfits to give you inspiration on colour matches etc.
But defiantly go out and take a look in most high street stores and you'll find they have their own sports range including H&M, Forever 21 and Tesco, also check out Sports Direct and TK Maxx for some great workout gear that won't break the balance.
Happy Workout!

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