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Tanya Burr Lashes in Date Night Review and Photos

Tanya Burr Lashes
I'm not a big fan of false lashes and much prefer building a couple of mascaras together to create long, feathery lashes. When I heard Tanya Burr was bringing out a lash line to coincide with her already successful Tanya Burr Cosmetics, I thought this may be a great opportunity to give the false lash phenomena another go. I could only get my hands on the Date Night pair so here's my thoughts.
Have you tried these, do your rate them or hate them? What's your favourite false lashes to wear? Leave a comment down below or tweet me.
These retail for £5.49 per pack and are available from Superdrug and Feel Unique. There is six sets of lashes within the collection including,
- Individual
- Pretty Lady
- Flutter
- Date Night
- Bambi
- Girls Night Out
These are a great price and reminiscent of most drugstore branded false lashes, plus they include a small tube of lash glue.
The packaging is simple yet informative, on the back there is a great step by step diagram on to apply the lashes. Inside the lashes are clearly labelled which is left and which is right. The lash glue included is iridescent which is a lovely touch. These lashes are beautifully made and soft to touch. The vein of the lashes is clear, which is perfect as they are invisible when applied to the root of your natural lash line. These Date Night lashes are made up of 8 mini clusters of lashes varying in size to create a fluttery effect.
Upon application I had to trim off one cluster of lashes from the outside for them to fit on my lash line comfortably. The glue is easy to apply to the lash band and it's advised to wait 30 seconds before application. I have to say the lashes where reasonably easy to apply compared to lashes I have used in the past, I think the clear band helps. The lashes are longer at the outer edge and get smaller towards the inner corner. Once I had the lashes on, they did feel completely out of my comfort zone and seemed slightly big for my fairly small eye area, although they do look good in a photo.
I had these lashes on for a full 9 and a half hours and they didn't budge one bit, in fact by the end of the day I forgot I had them on! 
Overall Thoughts
You can tell once again Tanya has put a lot of thought into this collection of lashes. Not only is there a pair to suit everyone each set is designed to be put on with ease. These lashes have an appealing price tag and are perfect for any lash addict or Tanya Burr fan.
For me although I loved these lashes as a whole, I haven't been completely converted as I felt they where just a tad too big for my small eyes. I would like to try the individual lashes as I think these would be more suited to my eye shape and can be great for individually tailoring your look. I'll keep you updated if I try them out!
I award the Tanya Burr Date Night Lashes 3.9 out of 5
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