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Barry M Holographic Eye Topper Review and Photos - Stila Magnificent Metals Dupes?!

Barry M Holographic Topper L - R - Supernova, Asteroid, Luna and Star Dust
When it comes to new launches Barry M have certainly stepped up their game in recent years and these new Barry M Holographic Eyeshadow Toppers are no exception. The eye toppers caught my eye straight away because not only do they look stunning but they also remind me of a certain very popular cream eyeshadow! So here are my thoughts...
These retail for a very affordable £4.99 each. I'm still yet to find out how much is in these but I will update this post as soon as I find out.
There are four shades to choose from including, 1. Supernova, 2. Asteroid, 3. Luna and 4. Star Dust.
Barry M Eye Topper Supernova
Barry M Eye Topper Asteroid
Barry M Eye Topper Luna
Barry M Eye Topper Star Dust
The packaging is compact and travel-friendly and I love the transparent containers so you can see each colour clearly as, after all, it's what's inside that counts! Inside you'll find a small, flat doe foot applicator.
Upon application, I started off by using the applicator as it's the perfect size for getting right into the eyelid area. I then used a small brush to blend everything out, however, I did find blending the product did almost wipe the eyeshadow off and so I do recommend using a patting motion and applying thin layers as I think I initially I applied too many coats. I also suggest using a tiny brush if you want a more precise line or you're doing a cut crease as again I found this hard to get a clear-cut line the first time around.

With regards to how these perform, I would say they dry down relatively quickly but they did sting my eyes a little initially. All the colours are buildable and can be worn alone or over the top of eyeshadow and each colour has a beautiful iridescent duochrome finish.

I also recommend you watch my First Impression Video above on these so you can see the product live in action.
I wore this for just under 9 hours in total and I didn't have any creasing or fading which was great, however, towards the end of the day I did have a tiny bit of fallout under the eye and a bit of transfer on my brow bone.
I used Supernova in my First Impression
Overall Thoughts
So despite the limited colour selection, these holographic eyeshadow toppers are not only stunning but their insanely affordable too! Application wise they glide on easily but if you are building up the colour I do recommend working in thin layers and patting the product on as opposed to blending it in. Yes, these did sting my eyes a little, to begin with, but overall they felt totally comfortable once the eyeshadow had dried down and I was impressed with how vibrant and long-wearing the toppers stayed even after a long day of wear.

Lastly, I know what you're all wanting to know, how do these compare to the Stila Magnificent Metals?? Well, the Stila versions have a wider more wearable colour selection and I would say these are more pigmented, textured and contain glitter whereas the Barry M versions are more iridescent, smoother and glossier. Application wise these both glide on easily but the Stila shadows are slightly easier to work with, however, overall both formulas work in the same way that if you're building up the colour then it's better to work in thin layers. Again both wear well but the Stila ones last that little bit longer.

So if you're a girl on a budget and you love experimenting with different eye looks and colour then the Barry M Holographic Eye Toppers may be worth a go if you're wanting to try an alternative to a powder eyeshadow.

I award the Barry M Holographic Eyeshadow Toppers a 4.6 out of 5

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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Lip Liner Collection and Swatches - Drugstore and High End

Lip Liner Collection
If you've seen my recent de-cluttering series here then you'll know how I've been having a big sort out and purge of all of my makeup, skincare, body products and hair care. So before I de-cluttered I was determined to share with you my Lip Liner Collection including swatches in the hope that you may find this helpful if you're on the hunt for a new lip liner or a particular shade or swatch. And if you're a fan of nude or taupe lip combo's then I also have a video sharing with you 10 affordable Drugstore Nude/Taupe Lip Combos that I'll link here.
NYX Pinky Lipliner Pencil £3*
Maybelline ColorSensational Palest Pink £3.99*
NYX Dolly Pink Lipliner Pencil £3*
Makeup Revolution Grandee Lip Kit £6
NYX Rose Lipliner Pencil £3*
Urban Decay Native 24/7 Lip Pencil £14.50*
Makeup Revolution Reign Lip Kit £6
MAC Shore Leave £15.50 - (Old Limited Edition)
MAC Naked Liner Lip Pencil £13*
MUA Desert Sand £1 - Superdrug
Maybelline ColorSensational Nude Whisper £3.99*  
Essence In The Nude £1 - Wilko
Essence Girl Next Door £1 
MAC Subculture Lip Pencil £13*  
MUA Caramel Nougat £1  
Barry M Pose Matte Me Up Lip Kit £6.99*  
NYX Sandstorm Suede Matte Lip Liner £4 
MAC Spice £13* 
Barry M Russet Lip Liner £3* 
MAC Soar Lip Pencil £13* 
NYX Mahogany Lip Liner £3*  
Makeup Revolution Glory Lip Kit £6  
Essence Soft Berry £1 - Wilko
Rimmel Addiction Exaggerate Lip Liner £3.99* 
Essence Satin Mauve £1 - Wilko
MAC Vino Lip Pencil £13*  
Maybelline Pleasure Me Red £3.99* 
MAC Cherry Lip Pencil £13*  

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