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Ciate Tree Tinkets Baubles Review, Photo's and Swatches!

Ciate Tree Tinkets
If you've already read my blog post on the Ciate Mini Mani Manor you'll know I love these kind of gift ideas at Christmas and especially if they involve, nail polish and glitter in the same sentence!

Ciate seem to be on top form around the Holiday season with various Christmas gifts that out do any ordinary nail gift, their Advent Calendar is defiantly one of my all time favourite nail gifts, it's such a simple but genius ideas than your regular chocolate calendar. I recently discovered another lovely gift idea from Ciate in the form of their Tree Trinkets, six individual baubles filled with a mini Christmas themed nail polish, so adorable and great to split up as gifts. I actually was gifted this from my fiancĂ© he found it on Groupon at a bargain price of £10, I have also seen this in TK Maxx as well at the same price.

This year Ciate are selling the Tree Trinkets separately on their website, they are all the same colours as in the six pack so if your looking for affordability I would go for the one I got my hands on!

I will be doing a full review on this after Christmas and will also have swatches coming up so keep posted to see what I think of this gorgeous idea for any nail junkie.
Ciate Candy Cane
Ciate All Aglow
Ciate - Yule Rules
Ciate - Naughty or Nice
Ciate Blizzard

Friday, 12 December 2014

Easy Christmas Nail Art for Beginners!

If the thought of Nail Art seems exciting but daunting at the same time, then I've come up with the perfect Nail Art Guide for beginners for any nail lover out there! Anyone can achieve nail art with easy cheat tools and accessories to make you look like your nail art pro!
These four festive nail looks are versatile for any time of the year, I hope this helps some of you out when attempting something out of your comfort zone!
Happy Holidays!
Snowflake Sticker Nail Art
- Base Coat - O.P.I Nail Envy
- Blue Glitter Nail Polish- Morgan Taylor Regal as a Royal
- Nail Stickers - Candy Cane from Sallys
- Tweezers
- Top Coat - Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
Candy Cane Nail Stamping
- Base Coat
- Red Nail Polish - O.P.I In my Santa Suit
- Nail Stamping Plate - Cheeky Nail Art Jumbo Image Plate 6
- Konad White Special Nail Polish -
- Nails Stamper and Scraper Set - Konad Nail Art Double Side Set
- Nail Polish Remover and Cotton Buds
- Top Coat

Christmas Tree Glitter Gradient
- Base Coat
- Red Nail Polish - Ciate Boudoir
- Green Glitter Polish - Barry M Christmas Tree
- Makeup Sponge Wedges (Cut in Half)
- Top Coat

Sweater Weather Fashion Nails
- Fashion False Nails - Sweater Design - Primark but you can also find patterned false nails form any good drugstore.
- Cuticle Stick
- Nail Glue (Should be included with your nails)
- Scissors
- Nail File

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Ciate Mini Mani Manor Advent Calendar Review, Swatches & Photo's 2014

Ciate Mini Mani Manor Advent Calendar 2014
If you followed my Ciate Mini Mani Month from last year then you'll be familiar with this extra ordinary Advent Calendar full of Nail Polish! This is the perfect Christmas Countdown for any Nail Polish lover, but if your like me and £49 seems like a daunting amount of money to part with, which is what this retails for, then I found this at an amazing super bargain price if your prepared to wait seven days.
Being a total nail addict, I really enjoyed opening up this calendar each day last year, but unfortunately the affordability factor was not in my favour this year, until I found this for half the price while browsing around TK Maxx on Sunday, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this £49 Advent Calendar for £24.99 and I wanted to share this amazing price with you as there's still time to pick it up! I also discovered last years #minimanimonth and the year before that for half the price too, so there is plenty to choose from and they had a fair few in stock!

If this all still seems too expensive you can always check out my DIY Advent Calendar on my channel below.
I will be posting every day on my Instagram and Twitter when each window is opened and swatches will follow, then I will review this years #minimanimanor at the end of the month, so keep up to date by following me on my Instagram and Twitter.
 DAY 2
 DAY 3
 DAY 4
 DAY 5
 DAY 6
 DAY 7
 DAY 9
 DAY 10
DAY 11
 DAY 12
 DAY 13
 DAY 14
 DAY 15 
 DAY 16
 DAY 17
 DAY 18
 Day 19
  DAY 20
 DAY 21
 DAY 22
 DAY 23
DAY 24
This retails for £49 for 22 5ml mini Nail Polishes and Nail Art plus one full size 13.5ml polish and a set of nail decals, for me this is a fairly expensive Advent Calendar compared to your average chocolate one! But if your a girl on a budget and a nail polish junkie then there is a few ways to get this at a more savvy price tag.
- QVCUK is where I got last years calendar and this does work out a little cheaper and is released in November so keep a look out for this.
- If your wanting a super bargain then you can pick this up in January and then save it for December as Ciate heavily discount their advent calendars in January.
- Or you could do what I did and wait a little after the 1st December and be lucky enough to find this in TK Maxx for £25!
Every year this is packaged beautifully and this year the theme was Mini Mani Manor so the advent box was beautifully painted like a mini manor house, but I have to admit the colours on the box didn't make it feel as festive as the 2013 edition.
Most of the colours applied with ease, the brush was a nice size for application, the only colour which wasn't so impressive was Mineral Positivity this was a beautiful colour but had an odd grainy consistency which made the finish look lumpy and uneven.
The glitter, pearls and transfers came with straightforward instructions on how to apply which made these fairly easy to use, but they are a more temporary 1-2 days wear period.
 Overall Thoughts
Overall for me this was a really impressive, beautifully packaged Advent Calendar with an amazing variety of colours and finishes to satisfy any Nail Hoarders obsession! I actually preferred the Nail Polishes included this year, there was a lot more selection for everyone, the colours where more lively and made each day exciting to open. Members Only and Amazing Gracie where the only two colours which where featured in the 2013 edition.
The only thing for me was the price, but this doesn't have to be an issue if you choose one of the options and I mentioned. And the packaging was a little less festive for the time of year but I think that's just personal preference.
I award the Ciate Mini Mani Manor Advent Calendar 2014
3.8 out of 5
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