Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Primark Teeth Whitening Kit Review - Does it Really Work?!

Primark Express Teeth Whitening Kit
Yes, you've heard it here right, Primark now stock teeth whitening kits! The Primark Express Teeth Whitening Kit is actually one of three teeth whitening products available, so of course, you guys know I had to give this a go to see if it really does perform for the price?...
The Primark Express Teeth Whitening Kit retails for an insanely affordable £3.50. There is also a Coconut Oil Pulling Kit and Charcoal Toothpaste.
The outer packaging is very similar to a lot of other drugstore whitening kits with the only difference being the amazing price point.
Inside you'll find, 1 Teeth Colour Chart, Tooth Gel (50ml), Toothpaste (16ml) and 1 Gumshield. On the box, it claims you can get 30 applications out of the kit.
This is relatively quick and easy to apply and you also get instructions on the back of the box to guide you through everything. Additionally, it mentions that this can also help remove and lift yellow stains caused by coffee and red wine etc. plus its peroxide free and is a 7-day treatment.

I recommend you watch the video I linked above if you would like to see a live demo, but I'll also share with you a step by step guide below.

1. First, determine using the teeth colour chart what colour your teeth are before you start. Don't forget to make a mark so you can see your progress also!

2. Next taking the mini toothpaste clean your teeth before you go in with the whitening gel. I recommend whitening them at night so that the gel can penetrate on completely clean teeth.

3. Now it's time to whiten! Set your timer first to 5 minutes so you're ready to go, then taking your tooth gel place a good amount in the top and bottom of the gum shield. Once you are done place the shield comfortably in your mouth (ensuring you have it the right way up), start the timer and do a dance! (dance not compulsory).

4. Once the timer is done, take your gumshield out and wash it out straight away so you're ready to go with your next treatment and that's really it. It is that simple as there's no need to rinse your mouth out afterwards.
Initially, after my first use, I really couldn't see a difference, so I continued using this for the week just like it said. After one week I gave you an update also in the video I linked above and to be honest more than anything my teeth looked brighter more than whiter. After two weeks I've now finished the kit and overall there has been no change since the last time I checked in. I also cannot see that any of my stains on my teeth have faded much. However, one thing I did really like about this is the fact it didn't make my teeth sensitive or uncomfortable which is always a good thing.
Overall Thoughts
I love the fact that Primark is now doing teeth whitening kits that are peroxide free and ridiculously affordable, however for the price I wasn't expecting miracles! Honestly, I think this is a great kit if you either have sensitive teeth or you're just after something that's going to brighten and refresh your smile, but truthfully if you're after a teeth whitening system that's going to rapidly whiten your teeth just like Ross from Friends, then really this is not the kit for you!

I award the Primark Teeth Whitening Kit a 3.5 out of 5

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