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Soap and Glory The Mask Force Review, Demo and Photos

Soap & Glory Sheet Masks
Yes, you heard it right, Soap and Glory have just released a selection of sheet masks, named The Mask Force Beauty Mask-Haves! This for me is possibly one of Soap and Glory's most exciting launches to date, so today I wanted to share with you everything you need to know about the mask collection...
Before I give you the 411 on each mask, I do recommend you watch the demo video I've linked above so you can get a feel for how these apply and what results you can expect from each.
Soap and Glory Miracle Moisture Mask
- Leave on for 20-30 Mins
The Speed Plump is the only gel mask that comes in two parts. It's infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Soap & Glory's Pink Flower Power, as well as various other skin quenching ingredients. This claims to help smooth and hydrate the skin and it's especially good for dry or dehydrated skin.

Initially when I pulled this out the packet, I noticed how well saturated this was. It's also a little weighty compared to the conventional tissue mask.

Upon application I found this to be a bit fiddly and the bottom did slide off my face at first, however, once I got the hang of this I found it to be a great pick me up mask that's both refreshing and gorgeous smelling. Afterwards, my skin felt super soft, smooth and hydrated.

This would be a perfect mask to take on a long-haul flight also.

Soap and Glory Pore Refining Mask
- Leave on for 15-20 Mins
Next is the pore-refining tissue mask. This one helps to refine pores and absorb excess oils, which is ideal if you have oily or combination skin. The mask also contains mint and camomile to help both refresh and cool the skin.

Again this was super saturated and you could definitely smell the strong aroma of the mint and eucalyptus.

Upon application, this felt intensely cooling on the skin. Afterwards, it helped make my skin feel and look more refreshed and refined.

Soap and Glory Radiance Boosting Mask
- Leave on for 15-20 Mins
Moving onto the radiance boosting mask which is infused with a number of brightening ingredients to help bring your skin back to life. This is especially targeted as a party recovery mask for dull or lacklustre skin.

Upon application, my skin felt immediately refreshed and towards the end, I even felt a slight cooling sensation too.

Afterwards, my skin felt lovely and revived and if you like you can also take the leftover serum in the packet down onto your neck as well.

Soap and Glory De Clog Mask
- Leave on for 20-25 Mins
The last mask in the collection is a peel-off mask, which as Soap and Glory put it, is 'for lifting out the gunk and junk!' This mask also comes with two pods for two uses as well as a spatula to apply the mask with.

Be warned this is a tad messy to apply and so I do advise doing this over a sink, with a towel on top to protect the sink.

It's recommended you focus this mask mostly on the t-zone or any specific problem areas, but I did actually end up applying this to the whole face as you do get a generous amount in one capsule.

Now, this is a peel off mask and as you can probably imagine this was pretty eye-watering to pull off afterwards! However, this definitely did a noticeably great job at fading down my blemishes and spots. The only downfall is this is a drying mask and so I would suggest replenishing the skin afterwards with a hydrating moisturiser or oil.

Soap and Glory Puffy Eye Attack
- Leave on for 20-30 Mins
Last but not least is the gel eye masks that claim to revitalise and refresh tired or puffy eyes.

Inside you get one pair of eye patches for one use only. I loved these as they were nice and thick and smelt of cucumbers. On the eyes they felt cooling, however, I think they would be even more refreshing if you put them in the fridge prior to application.

Afterwards, my eyes definitely felt and looked brighter. Again these would be ideal for a long haul flight or early start.

So guys, there you have it. I hope you found this helpful! Overall I was rather impressed with not only the number of masks Soap & Glory have released but also the variation of masks to cater for a range of different skincare needs and wants. And with these being an altogether accessible and affordable price point, I recommend at least picking up one of these beauties to try out!

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