Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Singapore and Korean Skin Care Haul

Korean Skin Care Products
Hey guys and welcome back to another skincare post. Today I wanted to share with you what I picked up on my recent trip to Singapore. Let me tell you the skincare selection was pretty insane here, I could have wandered around for hours in many of the drugstores and department stores gazing at all the pretty packaging and fascinating selection of beauty products Singapore had to offer. Honestly, if you're a skin care addict like me and you ever get the chance to go, go! Not only is the skincare amazing, but the people are also lovely and the food is on another level! So without further ado here's what I picked up...
- Black Hydro Gel Eye Patch 
- White Label Essence 

- 3D Sheet Mask Holder
- Natural Konjac Puff
- Rose Detox Foot Patches
- Disney Princess Oil Blotting Paper
- Pink Face Razors
- Evans Cell Energy Tomato Collagen Masks
- Dr Hu Vitamin C Eye Patches
- Kose Moisture Mild Cream 

- MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask $9.90 (£5.46)
- LuLuLun Hydrating Sheet Masks $7.90 (£4.36)
- LoveMore Collagen Eye Firming Patch $9.90 (£5.46)
- DHC Olive Essentials Travel Set 
- PINK Pore Peeling Pads $17.90 (£9.87)
- Kiss Me Eyelash Serum $18.90 (£10.42)
- Biore Marshmallow Whip Face Wash $13.90 (£7.67)
- Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Face Sheets $3.45 (£1.90)
- Biore Body Powder Sheets $3.10 (£1.71)
- Biore 50+ UV Bright Milk $13.20 (£7.28)
- Mediheal Parrafin Foor Masks
- L'Oreal Hydra Fresh Anti Ox Grape Seed Hydrating Mask-In Lotion 
- L'Oreal Hydra Fresh Anti Ox Grape Seed Hydrating Mask-In Water Gel
- L'Oreal Hydra Fresh Hydration + Antiox Active Night Mask-In Jelly 

- Ellips Hair Vitamin Hair Treatment and Nutri Color 
- Miranda Moroccan Argan Oil for Damaged, Normal and Dry Hair

- Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray
- Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil


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