Thursday, 28 November 2013

November Beauty and Nail Favourites2013 featuring MAC Cleanse Off Oil

I cannot believe it is December on Sunday, I actually don't know where November has gone! Here's a round up of my November favourites I have been loving this month.

1. MAC Cleanse Off Oil - I first discovered this on one of Miss Glamorazzi's Video, so thankyou! (See below) And I totally love this stuff, it melts your make-up off in minutes but it is very messy so I make sure I have a facial wipe to hand to wipe all the melted make-up off my face, then I follow by cleansing and moisturising.

2. HD Brows pencil in Black - I came across HD Brows a few years ago, it is a UK based brand who specialise in the Ultimate Celebrity High Definition Eyebrow Treatment. I trained in the treatment this year and discovered a whole new way of looking at eyebrows and this is one thing I can't live without now which is the HD Brows Eyebrow pencil, it is sharpened using a knife to create a unique screwdriver shaped point to draw precise fine hairs within the brow, genius!

3. O.P.I Avojuice in Peony & Poppy - I love the O.P.I Avojuice's they smell delish and soak into the skin like a dream! This is one of their new scents and it smells so delicate and pretty and makes my hands feel really soft, especially in these colder months.

4. Essie in Beyond Cozy - This glitter came from Essie's Holiday Collection last year but I admit I only discovered it properly this year and have really loved wearing this lately as it has the perfect amount of sparkle!

5. Dadi Cuticle Oil - I have been using O.P.I Avoplex for years now and have been happy with it  until I recently came across this brand of cuticle oil called Dadi Oil, it's 95% Organic and smells luxurious and divine like I'm smothering my cuticles in gold, it's beautiful and I defiantly recommend this to anyone with dry cuticles.

6. MAC Lipstick in Hang Up - I have never been very confident in wearing darker lipsticks, but I am trying to be a bit braver in my lipstick choices recently, which is why I have been loving MAC Hang Up. It looks great softened with a lip balm for day or as a bold strong lip in the evening.


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Rose Gold Trend and Gift Ideas featuring Michael Kors

Christmas is nearly upon us again can you believe it! And I still have a weakness for ANYTHING Rose Gold, so I thought I would share with you some Rose Gold gift ideas for any budget and a few of my own Rose Gold favourite items I own.

Rose Gold Trend

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Outfit of the Day - Cobalt Blue & Black

 Necklace - Vintage Mikey from years ago.

Cardigan - Current Season 

Top - From Winter 2012 Collection


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Top 10 Nail Musthaves featuring Nail Envy & Seche Vite

Top 10 Nail Musthaves

I frequently get clients striving for the perfect natural nails at my salon and having tried many different nail products these are my holy grail top 10 nail must haves I thought I'd Share with you!

Top 10 Nail Musthaves by pinkparadisebeauty featuring manicure tools


Friday, 15 November 2013

My Perfume Collection Featuring Vera Wang & Juicy Couture

I love wearing perfume as it always make me feel expensive and nostalgic and it seems to complete's my outfit like an accessory. I mostly adore musky deep perfumes as I like the longevity and the distinctive scent they leave on your clothes and your skin as it always makes me feel special and individual.

I thought I would share with you my current Perfume Collection and some of my classic signature perfumes I tend to wear of an evening or weekend occasion, hope you like! 

I found a great website that describes fragrance in detail, it's called Fragrantica which is a fragrance encyclopaedia of every perfume imaginable and is super useful if your buying presents! I have attached a link under each perfume that describes each scent in detail and the top notes if you would like to discover them further.

Viva La Juicy La Fleur
 I am a total fan of the classic Viva La Juicy below, so I was excited to try the La Fleur edition, it smells beautiful and floral which I don't usually go for, so this was a nice surprise. I prefer to wear this during the day as it is a light fresher fragrance. 
I also did a review on this last year on the blog so feel free to check it out.

Viva La Juicy
I discovered this perfume in the Juicy Couture shop while in New York a few years ago, I already had an obsession with Juicy so was keen to discover what Juicy Couture Signature perfume had to offer. 
I love this for day or evening and it always brings back memories of beautiful New York.
HUGO Deep Red
This is another of my classic nostalgic perfumes from my youth, it's a really deep distinctive perfume which I like wearing for everyday.

Vera Wang Princess Night
If I enjoy an original perfume I tend to like the release of the follow up perfume in the brands fragrance family and this is no exception, Vera Wang Princess Night is a really beautiful stronger edition to the princess family and I love wearing this when I am going out, it always makes me feel complete when I wear it.

Vera Wang Princess
My boyfriend bought me this perfume one Christmas and ever since it makes me think of my boyfriend and Christmas, random I know, but apart from that it is a beautiful day perfume, it's lighter than princess night but still has a strong scent that makes you feel feminine and pretty, just like a princess! 

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Classique Summer Edition
I always love the Original Jean Paul Gaultier perfume it is so classic and never goes out of fashion, which is why I always love the Summer Edition Jean Paul releases, I had this when I was a teenager and it brings back lots of nice memories and plus it always looks pretty on my vanity!

Gucci Rush
This was my signature perfume when I was 17, I had the body lotion, the shower gel the whole line and even now I still love this perfume, it's defiantly an evening fragrance for me as it screams expensive and powerful.

Viva La Juicy Roller Ball
I really like a handbag size of my perfume especially the fragrances I like to wear in the evening, so this roller ball is perfect.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Shimmer Stick
I got this as a gift in a set with the Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely perfume, it was a special Christmas edition and has a beautiful shimmer as well as smelling of the pretty Lovely fragrance. It is quite greasy so I don't tend to use this often but it is pretty for special occasions.

Vera Wang Princess Perfume Pencil
This solid perfume pencil I received in a Christmas Gift Set one year too, I don't use this that often as it's quite greasy on the skin which is a shame as it is one of my favourite perfumes. 

Diesel Fuel For Life Femme
This was given to me by my mum, I think she had too much of it and went of the scent quickly, I have used it up all now and wouldn't buy it myself as it's not a scent I tend to lean towards often, but it was great for an everyday scent.
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