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All That Jazz Nail Polish Review and Photos

All That Jazz Nail Lacquer
I love discovering new nail polish lines, especially ones with unique colours and formulas. All That Jazz is an English brand under the Hand and Nail Harmony Umbrella, it was created over a year ago by young entrepreneur Jazzmin Smedley. This British brand stocks a range of Nail Lacquers and Manicure and Pedicure products including cuticle oil, lotions, scrubs and moisturising bars. I currently have only ventured into the polish line so far, so here's my thoughts.

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Each lacquer retails for £9.98 for a generous 15ml. All That Jazz is a professional line with over 80 shades including crème, shimmer's and glitter's.
Each polish is simply packaged in a large, clear bottle that shows of the colour well. It also has the distinctive All That Jazz logo labelled on the front of the polish.

The polish has a lovely slender handle which is perfect for gripping, as well as a beautiful slim brush that applies the lacquer with ease. The formula's are highly pigmented and most are opaque in one to two coats.

Although this brand is aimed more at a younger market, the unique selections of colours make them appealable to every age. Some of the colours are also compatible with Hand and Nail Harmony's bestsellers in their Gelish range.

Roxie's Hart
From Riches to Rubies

Dancefloor Confessions 
My Peach Bellini
Disco Devotion
Live For The Applause
Ready, Set, Jet
Jealous of My Clique?
Sea of Love
These last really well for me, around five days for the crème and shimmers and around seven for the glitter formulas.

Overall Thoughts
Overall it's great to see another new British Nail Polish brand creating fashion forward and unique colour collections to suit everyone. Although these retail for £9.98, they are of a professional formula and contain a reasonable amount of polish, considering some drugstore nail polishes can be as much as £7 for a smaller amount. So if your looking for a new premium nail brand to try, with innovative colours and great longevity, then look no further.

I award All That Jazz Nail Lacquer 4.8 out of 5
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