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Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara Review and Photos - Benefit Roller Lash Dupe

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
Being an avid Maybelline fan, especially with their mascaras, I was excited to see a new offering from the mascara family in the form of Lash Sensational. This looked interesting as it claims to be all about the brush and catching every lash by layering to create lots of lashes, here's my thoughts.
Have you tried this mascara, what did you think, did the packaging or the concept sell it for you? Leave a comment down below or tweet me.
This retails for £7.99, but I got this on offer for £5.99 which is great value for money for a drugstore mascara, so defiantly look out for the offers or get it now while it still has £2 off.
This mascara comes in very black only and is available from most drugstores including Boots and Superdrug.
The packaging sold this to me alone, it's beautifully adorned in a rose, silver chrome coloured packaging. The brush itself is the focal point and is rubber which is curved with different sized spiked bristles which are larger on the top of the curved part and smaller on the bottom to accommodate each lash. This brush reminded me of the Maybelline Rocket and Benefit They're Real mascara.
This applied really easy and is a mascara that builds as you apply each layer, I applied three coats to create my desired look, but this is entirely up to you on what kind of look you like. The first coat really lengthened and curled my lashes and then the second and third helped thicken and define my lashes with no clumps. Just a side note, this did really lengthen my bottom lashes, which was a bit too much for day time so I would probably use a smaller brush or another mascara for my bottom lashes. The consistency is a medium thickness and is highly pigmented so you get the blackest black lashes.
This lasted amazingly well for a solid 9 and a half hours total without smudging, transfer or my curl dropping, which means it defiantly has the 'sensational' factor!
Overall Thoughts
This was another great offering from Maybelline, they really do know how to put out the best mascaras with eye catching packaging at an affordable price. The brush was amazing and helped thicken and lengthen my lashes and was buildable too to create amazing volume and height. The consistency was perfect and very pigmented which was great and the longevity made it a bulletproof 'Sensational' mascara!
I award the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara 4.9 out of 5

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Tanya Burr Nail Polish Review and Photos

Tanya Burr Nail Polish Collection
Last week I reviewed Tanya's Lip Gloss which was really impressive, so following along from this I thought I would give you a heads up on Tanya's Nail Polish line which was released last year along side her lip gloss range, here's my thoughts.
What colours do you think I should try next, tweet me or leave a comment down below?
Each Nail Polish retails for £5.99 and are available from Superdrug and Feel Unique, they come in an array of ten shades mainly consisting of reds, pink and darks including a mint green, which reflect Tanya's personality. The price is consistent with many drugstore brands if not a little higher than most, but on the box it does mention that these are of a professional formula.
I received one of the gift sets for Christmas which comes boxed with three of Tanya's classic, go to colours including, Penguin Chic, Peaches and Cream and Little Duck. There is also six other gift set options with three nail polish colours in each. These are only available from Feel Unique and retail for £11.99 per pack, which is a more affordable way of picking up these polishes, saving £12!
The gift box which the polishes came in is informative, but not the best packaging. The nail polish itself is reminiscent of the Chanel Polish bottles with regards to the shape. Now I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen or if it was designed with the Chanel polish in mind, but the square top does come off to reveal a smaller round wand to hold when applying the polish, which is a lot better then the square lid which I found a little difficult to hold.
This applied with ease due to the thin long brush, but just to note the polish is of a medium consistency and is a super pigmented formula which means not much is needed on your brush when applying the colour other wise you could end up with bubbling and the polish not drying evenly. If you are in a rush you most defiantly can get away with one coat which is amazing, so in this case use a little more on the brush, but don't overload it with polish.
Little Duck is a stunning Mint Green, a perfect dupe for O.P.I Mermaid's Tears and Essie's Mint Candy Apple and First Timer.
Tanya Burr Little Duck
Peaches and Cream is a beautiful nude peach, perfect for everyday nails.

Tanya Burr Peaches and Cream
Penguin Chic is a chic, trendy taupe and is very similar to Essie Miss Fancy Pants and O.P.I Over the Taupe.
Tanya Burr Penguin Chick
I road tested Little Duck for longevity and used my usual O.P.I Nail Envy Base and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. I applied the polish on Wednesday and was amazed by the staying power, the colour for me didn't budge or chip until Saturday where it did start to chip slightly on some nails, but overall my manicure was in good condition considering I had done everything I usually do, including the cleaning.
Overall Thoughts
Once again I am impressed and sucked in by the Tanya Burr empire, you can tell she has put a lot of thought and hard work into perfecting the products that represent her and her target audience. Tanya's initial core collection of colours gives variety for every kind of customer and they defiantly reflect her personality in every way.
Price is around average for a drugstore nail polish, which makes them appealing to a younger and older customer.
In the future it would be great to see Tanya add a little glitter and a larger range of brighter colours that appeal to her teenage audience, but I understand her logic behind her collection which ultimately reflects her as a person.
I award the Tanya Burr Nail Polish 4.7 out of 5


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Room Decor, Organisation and Storage Ideas

Room Tour Organisation and Storage Ideas
I defiantly like a tidy house and when it comes to clutter I love everything to have an organised place or storage solution and this is where my passion for DIY and my obsession for Ikea comes in. Now Ikea I like to call the Primark of home ware, you go in for one thing and then you come out with a lot more than you expected, I just love them because they have the best storage solutions and ideas. With regards to DIY I always look at things and think I could make that for half the price with what resources I already have available, so I wanted to share with you a few DIY and general storage ideas for your bedroom, make-up room and office area etc.
Nail Polish Storage
Being a nail polish hoarder, I was constantly looking for storage ideas to display all my polishes on, until I discovered the joy of the Ikea Ribba picture ledge, which I'm sure you've seen a ton, but this is the perfect idea for storing polish on and you can fit two rows of nail polish, one behind each other on each ledge.

Jewellery Tree Storage
If you have lots of jewellery and are a magpie for sparkle like me then it seems a shame not to have your favourite pieces on show. There is plenty of ideas you can use, so let your imagination run wild! I found this affordable jewellery tree from Wilko, which displays some of my most colourful and sparkly costume jewellery.
Beauty and Fashion Books
My jewellery tree is stored on top of some of my favourite books which I love to display too as they add colour and interest to a room.

Jewellery Tray
Another great idea for storing your go to jewellery and current favourite nail polish is on a pretty tray, I have jewellery I wear everyday and so it's nice to have it out where I can access it easily. The same applies to nail polish, if you have a few favourites for the month or you think I must wear that polish again sometime, display it on a tray so it reminds you to wear it and plus it looks pretty too. See how I made this Jewellery tray in my recent video below.
Ikea Candle Tray
DIY Light
Lights for me always adds atmosphere to a room, whether it be fairy lights, chandeliers or lamps, but these can be expensive, so look around to what you already have stored in your house, can you re-vamp or update something? I had an old Moroccan looking lamp which was brown that hadn't been used in ages, I just spray painted it white to bring it back to life and now I use it all the time.

Ikea Malm
Ikea Malm has been my favourite storage solution for years, mainly because they are affordable and the fact they look clean, crisp and come in so many different varieties and colours now that the possibilities are endless.
I like the 3 drawer units as these work for me the best and plus there's the option of a glass top which finishes the draws of perfectly.
I use the Ikea Skubb draw inserts to keep things organised inside as well as out, they come in black, white and pink and fit perfectly into the Malm series. Other storage ideas for inside draws which I like to use are mason jars and old jewellery and make-up boxes.

Clothes Rack
If you don't have a lot of wardrobe space like me and your fiancĂ© ends up having more clothes than you, then a clothes rack is a great idea to display seasonal clothes on,which are easier to reach than being banished to the back of a tiny wardrobe. I picked up this clothes rack from Argos for under £10 and it defiantly has been a stress-free lifesaver when picking out clothes in the morning. You can also find these on Amazon too.
Hangers - Primark
I only have a tiny corner as my office and the Ikea Kallax is what I use to store everything in, I like this unit as it comes with additional cupboard inserts, draws and storage boxes to fit in to the shelves so you can customise it to your tastes. At the moment I have the Ikea Drona in Mint Green in the bottom two shelves.
Tassel Garland
To jazz up this little corner I made an easy affordable tassel garland that will brighten up any dull area, these are great as you can customise them in any colour you would like and they are really easy to make. 
Use jewellery trays, mason and candle jars to store washi tape, paperclips and pens.
Fill frames with inspiring quote postcards, these are from Paperchase.
To stay organized and inspired I came up with this DIY Planner Board. This doubles up as a weekly planner to stay on schedule and an inspiration board that can motivate you to move forward with your goals and aspirations, which is what helps me.
Makeup Vanity
I think I'm in the majority vote when I say that the Ikea Alex is the best for storing make-up in, they just have the perfect sized draws where you can see everything in them.
Ikea Alex
I find the best storage for inside the draws for make-up is the Muji PP Storage and Ikea Godmorgon.
I also like the Ikea Variera draw liner, which you can cut to size and keeps the inside of the draws clean.
Old make-up bags are also a great way to store your cotton wool, q tips and sponges etc.
Old gift boxes and candle jars can be used to store nail polish and nail essentials in.
Muji Acrylic Storage
Muji have the best acrylic storage at an affordable price for keeping almost anything in, these draw versions are great for lipstick so you can see every colour clearly.
Another acrylic storage idea is the lipstick holders that display your lipsticks beautifully, you can get these from as little as £3 from Amazon.
Look for cute heart dishes in the kitchenware sections to store lip balms in, this one is from Wilko.

Mirrored trays are perfect for displaying pretty perfume bottles as I think it's a shame to keep them hidden away in a cupboard. Check out TK Maxx for mirrored storage.

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