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Makeup Brush Collection, Storage and How I Clean My Make-Up Brushes

I think I've mentioned before but a make-up brush can make a world of difference to how you apply your make-up and the way it looks. Over time I've expanded my make-up brush collection and storage into something I'm really happy with, so I thought I'd share with you my brush collection and storage and some of my most used brushes I can't live without.

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Brush Cleaning Routine
I don't know about you, but I loathe cleaning my make-up brushes, just like I detest doing the ironing, but this is one job that has to be done, to ensure my make-up brushes are bacteria free and plus there's nothing better than applying make-up with a freshly cleaned brush.
For years I've used good old Johnson's Baby Shampoo to deep clean my make-up brushes, along with this nifty little facial pad I found in Primark, that works wonders as a cleaning pad to get into the bristles of the brushes more efficiently. For quick cleaning I use the MAC Brush Cleanser on kitchen towel.
To dry my brushes I usually leave them to air outside if it's a nice day, put them in the airing cupboard or dry them on the radiator.
Brush Collection and Holy Grail Brushes
A majority of my brushes I purchase are from MAC, Real Techniques, Crown & Royal & Langnickel. While MAC is at the top end of the price scale, there are so many other affordable make-up brush lines now, that stock equally as good, quality brushes, some of my favourites are Real Techniques and Royal & Langnickel.
Here are my holy grail brushes I really can't live without, from left to right.
Bare Minerals Light Stroke Brush - This is great to use with powder to set concealer under the eyes.
Royal & Langnickel Short Flat Liner C455 - I use this to define my brow with concealer.
Real Techniques Contour Brush - This is the best brush for applying blusher.
Real Techniques Buffing Brush - My favourite brush ever for applying foundation when your in a rush.
MAC 217 - The ultimate eye shadow application brush, this blends any eye shadow out like a dream.
Royal & Langnickel Brow Angle - I use this to apply gel liner as it has the perfect small tip for getting close to the lash line.
Royal & Langnickel Line & Smudge - I actually use this to highlight and powder my brow bone.
Royal & Langnickel Large Powder - This is the softest, most gentlest brush ever and works fantastic with face powder to set your foundation.
Crown Pink Eyebrow Brush -  I love this to apply powder to my brows as it's short and dense.
Beauty Blender - This is the most amazing sponge for applying foundation as it helps give the most flawless, airbrushed finish to your make-up.

Make-Up Brush Storage
I love these Muji acrylic storage units because you can see every brush clearly and they are super affordable. I also love Ikea for cute, inexpensive storage ideas, like this mint green pot I found to store my make-up sponges in below.
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