Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Lean Greens Supplement Powder Review & Photos

Lean Greens Food Supplement

If you've seen any of my healthy food ideas videos you'll know I'm big on healthy eating and follow the 80/20 rule. Let's be real now everyone loves the bad stuff and I don't believe in depriving yourself from the naughty food, nor do I believe in dieting, it's just about everything in moderation.

I have been taking a Chlorella tablets for years now and think there a great addition to any diet as sometimes we don't have time to prepare and eat healthy meals all the time, so an added supplement is a great way to ensure your always getting your daily intake of good nutrients into your body. Recently Lean Greens reached out to me to see if I would be interested in trying their green supplement, so here's my thoughts.
A starter pack retails for £49.11 and includes a 500g tub of Lean Greens Powder and a black shaker cup. A 500g tab should give you around 30 servings as mentioned on their website.
This comes in a black tub which is hygienically sealed, as well as a scoop to measure out the correct proportions each day. On the back of the tub it tells you what ingredients make up the Lean Greens Supplement as well as instructions on how to use. The drinks shaker is also black and is a nice size to take with you if your on the go. I also like the fact the shaker comes with a small black tub to carry one serving of your Lean Greens to take with you and make up if your in a rush in the morning.
How to Use and What's In It?
I had a 50g tub sent to me and this lasted me a whole month. It's recommended you mix together one heaped scoop with a glass of water or you can mix it into your favourite smoothie or juice for an added green boost. Please bear in mind this is a supplement and shouldn't be used to replace meals etc. I see this as an added supplement boost to take along side your normal intake of food and drink. It's a great way to get that superfood boost into your regular diet if your a person that's on the go or doesn't get as much green into their diet as you'd like too. The Lean Greens powder itself contains a powerhouse of amazing nutrients including Spirulina, Chorella, Spinach, Alfalfa, Barley and Wheatgrass.
Overall Thoughts
I combined using this alone as well as added into my morning smoothie or juice. The powder itself mixes really well and doesn't have any nasty lumps of powder floating around. This smells like authentic green tea and also tastes like it too with a little sweetness added. I actually didn't mind the taste at all and thought it tasted pleasant, plus if your an avid green tea drinker the taste shouldn't bother you at all. Being an IBS sufferer, after a month of using this my tummy felt less bloated, flatter and I just felt more comfortable overall. The only thing that was missing for me, was maybe a little information booklet included in with your order, with maybe some healthy recipes to use alongside your supplement powder, as well as a little background information on the benefits of some of the ingredients.
So if your looking for that added supplement to incorporate into your everyday diet or just need an extra shot of green goodness, then this could be for you!
Lean Greens are offering all my lovely readers a trial 250g tub of Lean Greens Powder for £7.
I award the Lean Greens Food Supplement 4.8 out of 5

Friday, 18 September 2015

What to Pack in your Travel Make-Up Bag

What's in my Travel Makeup Bag
When your as passionate about make-up like me, then it's always hard to condense down your precious stash when traveling. For me I have so many favourite items it's hard to choose what to bring! Today I thought I'd share with you what make-up I'm taking away for a weeks trip and also some tips and tricks to help you pack a little be lighter.

What's your favourite travel friendly make-up items? Tweet me or leave a comment down below.
I needed make-up for both day and night so this is what I decided to take:
 Products mentioned:
- Make-Up Bag - Elemis
- Make-Up Brushes - Looks out for travel sets, especially around Christmas.
- Mini Benefit Porefessional Primer
- Mini Urban Decay Primer Potion
- Sample Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion
- Soap and Glory Archery Pencil
- Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade
- HD Brows Foxy Palette
- MAC Clear Brow Gel
- Kiko Long Lasting Shadow Stick in No5
- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Sparkle Nude
- Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
- Maybelline Gel Liner in Black
- MAC Eye Pencil in Blooz
- Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Double Ended Eye Pencil in Zero & Demolition.
- Benefit They're Real Mascara in Black
- Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
- Sample Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation
- Urban Decay Naked Concealer
- MAC Pro-Conceal and Correct Palette
- MAC Fix +
- MAC MSF in Light Plus
- NYC Sunny Bronzer
- Benefit Rockateur Blusher
- MAC Lipsticks in Hue & Impassioned
My Top Five Tips to Packing Lightly
1. Be realistic with your packing, remember you can't take everything and chances are you probably won't end up using half the make-up you take anyway!

2. Take a make-up bag that's durable, easy to wipe clean (in case anything leaks) and is large enough to fit everything you need, so you don't end up taking extra make-up bags as

3. Look out for travel friendly make-up sample sizes. I tend to get them as a free gift when I'm buying high end make-up as well as getting them free with magazines like Glamour and Marie Claire.

4. If your a frequent flyer look out for make-up brush sets at Christmas, as these are often half the size of your regular brush and are the perfect thing for travelling.

5. If your going a trip where you need day and night products, opt for one palette that can see you through both, as well as a wearable day lipstick and brighter or darker shade for the evening.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara Review and Photos - YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils Dupe

L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara

This cult drugstore mascara has been around for years and has been considered as a great dupe for the YSL Volume Effect Cils. I had tried this a few years back and had loved it, so I thought it was time to give it another go and properly review it for you guys, so here's my thoughts.
This retails for £8.49 which is probably about average these days for a drugstore mascara, it's also a fraction of the price compared to the YSL version which comes in at a whopping £25! This comes in Black and Extra Black, which I think has replaced the famous Carbon Black name.

This mascara is packaged very simply and is a hidden gem in my eyes as it's always displayed right at the bottom of the L'Oreal make-up counter and so is easily missed. The brush is long, thick and fluffy and is the same length all the way up.
This applies lovely, as the brush is soft and gentle on the lashes. It's also buildable and is a beautiful thickening and lengthening mascara, I got away with applying three coats. If you like a really black mascara on your lashes, then this could be with you as it's super pigmented.
I had this on for a total of 12 and a half hours and by 3pm I had a slight bit of transfer on the brow bone, by 9.30pm I did have quite a bit more transfer on the brow bone which was a shame.
Overall Thoughts
Overall I did love this mascara as it's affordable, has a beautiful fluffy brush and is super pigmented. This mascara is not only lengthening and thickening by itself, it's also a great base mascara teamed with another on top, if you like an even more dramatic look. It's just a real shame I had so much transfer, which I think is down to the super black formula and something that rarely happens with other mascara's I have tried and tested. Don't let this put your off though, as I mentioned above this is a hidden gem that not everyone knows about, I would just advise using it as your base mascara as it is a great affordable dupe for the YSL version.
I award the L'Oreal Voluminous Extra Black Mascara 4 out 5

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Urban Decay 24/7 Lip Liner Review and Photos

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Native

I'm already a big fan of the Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencils and recently I delved into there 24/7 lip pencil range, as I wanted to test out if the longevity was just as good as the eye formula. If you haven't already seen my Bridal Make-Up post, I recently hauled this lip pencil as I wanted a long-wearing pencil to match with my MAC Angel lipstick that I will be wearing on my Wedding Day, so here's my thoughts.

These retails for £13.50 which is pricey for a lip liner, but they do come in 16 wearable colours including a clear pencil that helps prime and lock in lipstick for all day wear. On the packaging it also mentions these pencils are waterproof and help stop feathering on the lips. I picked up the colour Native, a pretty neutral pink/rose shade.

These lip liners come boxed in the signature Urban Decay purple packaging. The top and the back of the box are coloured in the shade of the lip liner as well as labelled. The pencil itself is also coloured in the chosen shade.
This pencil glides on easily, just like butter, it is also super pigmented and compliments my MAC Angel lipstick perfectly, the only negative is these do feel a little sticky on the lips. Native the colour I picked up has more of a matte finish and looks just as pretty on it's own as it does with a lipstick, it really is one of those flattering shades that will suit anyone.
This lasted amazingly well for a lip product, I'd say it only started to budge around the 6pm mark, after I had eaten my main meal. Into the evening it had completely worn of in the centre of my lips and it did become a little drying in the corners of my lips, but honestly this wore really well for a majority of the day. By 9pm it had pretty much all gone and I was just left with a faint line of colour around my lips.
Overall Thoughts
This lip liner really impressed me and is probably the best liner for the lips I've used to date. Not only does it come in a decent range of wearable colours, they also last practically all day without budging and would probably last even longer with a lipstick on top. The formula is beautiful even if they are a bit on the pricey side, but these are an all rounder pencil, perfect for not only day to day use, but Weddings and special occasions. So if your after the ultimate lip liner pencil, then defiantly go and check out Urban Decay's fool proof range of 24/7 pencils.
I award the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil in Native 4.8 out of 5

Monday, 7 September 2015

August Favourites 2015 - Beauty, Make-Up, Nails and Random

August Favourites 2015
Wow where has the Summer gone, I cannot believe we are now into September! Now August has been a little bit of a crazy month for me as the Wedding has kind of taken over my life, it's been a stressful month and I don't think I can bear looking at a glue gun for a while! Now we are finally into September and the month I get married, so I will be sharing a lot more Wedding posts and hopefully it will help some of you out if your getting married in the near future!

I have a few favourites from last month, mostly make-up, so here's the line up. What have been some of your favourites for August? Let me know in the comments down below or tweet me.

1. Elemis Rehydrating Ginseng Toner - If you've been following me for a while now then you'll know I'm a big fan of Elemis. For years I have been using the Apricot toner, but recently I decided it was time for a change, so I switched to this Ginseng version and oh my is this beautiful. It smells so fresh and is a pleasure to use in the morning as it's so refreshing.

2. Real Techniques Duo-Fibre Contour Brush - I had never really had a proper use for this brush until recently I re-discovered it to apply my concealer and powder. It's the perfect dome sized brush to get right under the eye area and is great for blending as well as contouring too.

3. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 10 - I recently reviewed this concealer and loved it, the only thing I didn't like was the very small colour selection Maybelline have to offer here in the UK. I picked up number 10 the lightest shade, but I did think this was a little yellow in tone for the lightest shade. Anyway the more I have got to use this the more I have loved the yellow tone, as it's perfect for covering the redness under my eyes and it also has a beautiful creamy, easy to blend consistency.

4. Benefit High Beam - I've really been enjoying it to strobe and also mix with my foundation for a subtle dewy glow.

5. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown - I'm a big fan of a strong brow game and I have been using this Dipbrow Pomade to shape the outer part of my brow with a liner brush. I love these pomades as they have the most amazing staying power.

6. Benefit They're Real Mascara in Brown - I absolutely love the original black They're Real version and much to my excitement I was thrilled to hear they had released a brown version! This brown mascara is the most beautifully pigmented, chestnut brown shade, that compliments green or blue eyes perfectly.

7. MAC Hue Lipstick - I've really been into nude lips lately and especially love the look of all the taupe shades trending right now. I do want to pick up a few darker taupe lipsticks, but for now I have been rocking MAC Hue, which is a lovely subtle nude. This is a great shade if your keen to try nude lips but don't feel confident enough to go all out with one of the darker shades.

8. O.P.I Original Nail Envy - O.P.I Nail Envy has been my go to base coat for years now. Just lately I have been sporting bare nails and using this as a treatment to grow my nails a little longer. The Original formula is the best and should be used by applying two coats at the start of the week and then applying one coat every other day.

9. Converse All Star - Just recently it has been a bit chilly here in the UK, so I have been loving wearing my comfy white Converse as they go with everything and are just a great staple to have in your wardrobe.

10. Orange is the New Black on Netflix - Ok so I'm probably the last person on earth to get into this series, but now I'm hooked! This really is a great easy watch comedy, mixed with a sprinkle of darkness.

11. Desi Perkins - I love discovering new YouTubers and although Desi Perkins is not new on YouTube, she is new to me. I recently discovered her through an interview she did on the Video Influences channel and she seem like the most loveliest, genuine lady ever, she also does the most amazing make-up tutorials, that are beautifully edited and put together. If you don't know about her already, you have to check her out!
Desi Perkins Interview -
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