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Revolution Large Oval Face Brush Review & Photos - Artis Brush Dupes

Makeup Revolution Pro Precision Large Oval Face Brush
With so many new products coming to the market monthly, I thought it would be a great opportunity to share with you guys some of the newest releases all in one monthly video. These video's will have according blog posts just like this one, so that you can see what I thought of each product individually as well. First up we have the brand new Revolution Precision Oval Brushes, which I am so excited about I could squeal! Make Revolution have pulled it out the bag again by releasing this affordable collection of Eight Rose Gold (yes, rose gold!) Oval Brushes. I was keen to try out the Large Oval Face Brush first, so here's my thoughts.
(Skip to 1.59 for the Makeup Revolution Large Oval Face Brush Review)
There is eight brushes that make up the Precision Oval Brush Collection and all brushes can either be purchased separately, as a collection or in a three piece set. The Large Oval Face Brush that I picked up retails for £12, but here is a rundown of the other sets available.
Precision Brush Collection (8 piece) - £45
Precision Contour Set (3 piece) - £20
Precision Eye Set (3 piece) - £15
All brushes are available from the Tam Beauty Website here.
The packaging for these brushes is STUNNING and if you love Rose Gold you will love these! The brush is actually a little heavier compared to a regular foundation brush, but I think this is probably down to the tightly packed dense amount of hairs that make up the brush. The hairs are super soft to the touch and feel beautiful on the skin.
I used Revlon Colorstay Foundation as I thought a full coverage foundation was best suited with this brush, but you can also use the large oval with a setting powder or bronzer too.

Upon application I initially applied the foundation to my hand, I then dipped the brush into to it to apply, however I didn't feel this was covering as well compared to a damp sponge, so I ended up applying the foundation directly to the brush instead. Another way that I think would work better also, is to dot the foundation straight onto the face and then blend out with the brush to finish.

Because of the denseness and shape of this brush, I admit at first this took some time to get used to if like me you've never used anything quite like this, but after I had let everything sink in fully I could see how beautiful this made my foundation look. Overall this brush helps your foundation glide on easily, quickly, resulting in a brush stroke free seamless, velvety finish.
Overall Thoughts
As I mentioned above this is a weirdly shaped brush so if your not used to using anything quite like this, it may seem strange at first, but I can honestly say this is such a wonderful brush especially if your after something that applies your foundation quickly and efficiently. The large oval although a little heavy is comfortable to use and blends out product really easily to create a stunning, streak free finish. The packaging is beautiful and the quality of this brush for the price is amazing and if your after a affordable dupe for the tremendously expensive Artis brushes, then these are defiantly worth a look at!

I award the Revolution Large Oval Face Brush 4.8 out of 5

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