Friday, 14 October 2016

Maybelline Master Strobing Sticks Review & Photos - Nars The Multiple Dupes

Maybelline Highlighting Sticks
I'm a total fan of highlighters these days and anytime I see one, I'm instantly drawn to it like a magpie! Maybelline are the latest drugstore brand to release highlighters this time in a stick form and these actually remind me a lot of the iconic Nars Multiples, so here's my thoughts.
These retail for £5.99 each for 9g of product. The highlighter also comes in two shades, Light Iridescent which is suitable for paler skin tones and Medium Nude Glow, which is perfect for medium to darker skin tones.
100 Light Iridescent
200 Medium Nude Glow
I absolutely love the iridescent packaging and striking wording on these highlighters, as well as the easy to use twist up stick applicator which is great if your on the go.
As I mentioned above these are super to easy use and don't require a brush to apply. All you do is swipe the stick across anywhere you want to highlight and blend out with your fingers. Both are really creamy and versatile as you can use them pretty much anywhere on the face to add a subtle glow to the skin, you could even use them as an eyeshadow base too.
Because of the intense creaminess of these highlighters, they did tend to be a bit slippy on the face and so longevity wasn't the best. However my favourite way to wear these and ensure I got the longest wear was to set them with the Revolution Radiance Lights Palette.
Overall Thoughts
Overall I did love these because of the price, packaging and shade selection and for me I would defiantly use either shade depending on what look I was going for that day. These also give the perfect subtle glow and are tremendously versatile and portable if your on the go. Yes the longevity isn't the best and so I do recommend setting them with a subtle powder highlighter or if you prefer to wear them on their own just make sure you blend in well and have them to hand if you need to touch up throughout the day.
Having tried various forms of highlighters I have to say the powder versions are by far my favourite because of the intense pigmentation and longevity aspect. But if your prefer a subtle glow in an easy to use stick form, then these could be right up your strobing street, plus they are a great affordable alternative if you've always wanted to try the Nars Multiple.
I award the Maybelline Master Strobing Sticks 4.2 out of 5
*These were sent to me but as always all opinions are my own.

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