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L'Oreal False Lash Superstar X Fiber Mascara Review & Photos

L'Oreal Superstar X Fiber Mascara
Having tested out a fair few mascara's, I know what I like and what I defiantly don't. Mascara for sure comes down to personal preference as everybody has different needs and wants, but if you're like me and you love a good false lash effect mascara, then I may have found the one for you...

L'Oreal recently released a new addition to their Superstar family in the form of the X Fiber mascara, this claims to give you that false lash effect without the need for falsies, so here's my thoughts.
The X Fiber mascara comes in at the top end of the drugstore scale at £10.99, however I did manage to pick this up in Boots on offer for £7.99.
The packaging and title of this mascara defiantly caught my eye as well as the fiber aspect of this too. The tube itself is double ended with the base mascara in tube 1 and the fibers in tube 2, both of the brushes are also shaped differently with tube 1 containing a more curvy brush and tube 2 containing a slightly straighter curved brush.
Upon application it is advised to use tube 1 which is the primer or base mascara first. This for me added amazing length and definition before I'd even applied the fibers. Next you apply the fibers from tube 2, which was a little tricky initially as you have to work quickly while the mascara is still wet. It's also advised for best results that you press the fibers from brush 2 onto the lashes rather than brushing them through. Overall I absolutely loved the final result as my lashes looked lengthened and fluttery, just like the effect individual lashes would give.
Lastly on the topic of application, I did want to offer you some tips when applying this mascara as I do think this takes a bit of practise and patience.

Tip 1 - Allow time to apply this mascara as it does take a little longer to apply.
Tip 2 - Look down into a mirror when applying this, as it will help prevent the fibers from accidently getting into your eyes. (I've made that mistake before!)
Tip 3 - Practise makes perfect. Because of the nature of the two step system and the fact you have to work efficiently it can be fiddly to hold the wand and work quickly, so just take some time in figuring out what works for you.
Tip 4 - Do one eye completely then move onto the other, that way you prevent the mascara from drying on your lashes to quickly before you apply the fibers.
Tip 5 - I recommend doing the two step process twice to get the best results.
Longevity wise this lasted relatively well. My lashes still looked lengthened and defined by the end of the day, although I did have a tiny bit of fall out under my eyes and a little transfer on my brow bone, but on the whole this lasted pretty good.

Overall Thoughts
This for me was one those WOW mascara's! I absolutely loved how lengthened, defined and voluminous my lashes looked, despite this being a bit of a tricky mascara to master initially. Yes ok this is at the top end of the scale, price wise for a drugstore mascara, but taking into the consideration the uniqueness of this I think the price it's certainly justified. So if you love a false lash effect but you hate the thought of applying false lashes, then I definitely recommend following my tips and giving this a whirl!
I award the L'Oreal False Lashe Effect Superstar X Fiber Mascara 4 out of 5

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