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Primark PS Work Out Make-Up Review & Photos

PS... Work Out Makeup
Yes Primark are back at it again with a new addition to their make-up line. This time we're talking about Work Out Make-up that is designed to be both sweat proof and water resistant. It's also, as the name suggests perfect for you to wear to the gym if you're not brave enough to step out bare faced.

Now being an avid gym bunny and running enthusiast myself I thought it was only appropriate I put this make-up line to the test, so here's my thoughts...
The collection is made up of face, eye and lip products that are of course, budget friendly and widely accessible. I picked up a Face Powder, Eye Liner Pencil and Mascara, but here's the full list of products available within stores,
- PS... NO SWEAT, Sweat Resistant Mattifying Face Powder in Ivory £2.50
- PS...  Finish Line Water Resistant Eye Liner in Black £1.50
- PS... Splash Proof Waterproof Mascara in Black £2
- PS... Lightweight Foundation Stick £2.50
- PS... Lip Fix Matte Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Cheerleader £2
- PS... Shape Up Lip Liner in Cheerleader £1
No Sweat Seat Resistant Mattifying Face Powder
Finish Line Water Resistant Eye Liner
Splash Proof Waterproof Mascara
I absolutely loved the eye-catching names and chic, black packaging, and actually this is what initially sold this to me, when I first caught sight of it.
No Sweat, Sweat Resistant Mattifying Face Powder - Despite this coming in only two shades, the compact is a decent size with a handy mirror too.
Finish Line Water Resistant Eye Liner - I loved the look of this pencil as it also came with a handy pencil sharpener on the other end.
Splash Proof Waterproof Mascara - This mascara came in a tube which I did quite like, as it was a little more unqiue compared to your regular drugstore mascara. The brush itself was slightly chunky and curved, but in all honesty this for me looked like a very synthetic, cheap looking wand.
No Sweat, Sweat Resistant Mattifying Face Powder - I applied this down my T-Zone and under my eyes to set my concealer. Upon application this wasn't the perfect colour match but it did appear mattifying as the name suggested.
Finish Line Water Resistant Eye Liner - For me this looked as though is was going to be a super pigmented black liner, but unfortunately this didn't give off much colour at all and I would say it was more of a grey than a black. Upon application this didn't glide on the best and it was actually quite uncomfortable when I used it on the waterline.
Splash Proof Waterproof Mascara - Despite the brush looking cheap, I actually found this to be an ok mascara. I curled my lashes initially and then applied two coats on the top and one to the bottom. The overall result was not bad and the wand did help lengthen and separate my lashes too.

Before and After my Run.
To put these products to the ultimate test, I went for an hour long run. When I got back again everything was still on which was good, although the powder had oxidised on my cheeks and around my nose and I was left with a bit of a weird line.
The liner and mascara actually held up quite well with only the liner disappearing slightly from the waterline.
Overall Thoughts
Overall this wasn't the best line of products from Primark and considering the price points I wasn't expecting these to be anyway. However I did love the concept of this as a whole and Primark really do continue to impress me with how quick they are at picking up and re-producing some of the hottest trends, at affordable prices. So if I was you I would save your money on this one and spend it on any of the other fantastic products this pretty amazing shop has to offer.

I award the No Sweat Powder a 2 out of 5, the Finish Line Eye Pencil a 2 out of 5 and the Splash Proof Mascara a 3 out of 5.

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