Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Primark Straightener & Curler in 1?! Review & Photos

Primark 2 in 1 Straightener & Curler

No this is not a drill, Primark really are selling straightening irons now! But stop, these are not just any kind of straighteners, they actually double up as a curler too, so naturally I had to put them to the test for you guys and here's my thoughts...
The 2 in 1 Straighten and Curl Wand retails for a ridiculously affordable £10. There is also a mini straightener and seperate curling wand available too.
Packaging wise this comes in a rather appealing black and copper box, complete with instruction manual. The actual iron is pretty well made and again is coated in black and gold/copper accents.

On the box it states that the iron has ceramic coated plates, an on/off switch, a lockable handle and a swivel cord. It also heats up to 180ºC.
To use the straighteners all you do is plug them in, turn the switch on, wait a few minutes for them to heat up and then curl or straighten as desired. A red light will also indicate when they are on, but do be careful where you lay them as they do heat up pretty quickly.
I actually tested these out on one side of my head and on the other I used my trusty GHD's and Yogi Curling Wand. I had just washed my hair and roughly blow dried it, so you could see how my hair looked naturally, however I do recommend you watch my demo in the video linked above as you can see how they work better live.

Firstly I went in with the straighteners and the results were pretty impressive! I honestly couldn't tell the difference as they smoothed out my hair quickly and efficiently.

The only thing I would say is, because the plates go all the way round the wand, I would just be extra careful when using the iron towards the front of your face. Therefore I recommend just straightening upwards and out so your not going down near your face (you'll see what I mean in the demo). Also be sure to rest these on a towel or heat mat if you have one.
Next I went in with my favourite curlers on the side I used my GHD's with and then on the other I used the Primer version. To curl, all you do is lock the iron so that it forms the round barrel. 

I divided my hair up and picked up small sections of hair to curl, but do whatever you're used to doing when curling your own hair.
Again, I couldn't believe how nice the curls came out, the barrel gives you the most beautiful big, beachy waves.
Because of my squeaky clean hair the curls didn't last all day and so I did re-do them towards the end of the day, only this time I sealed them in with some hairspray too and this seemed to do the trick. As we all know curls do work better with slightly dirtier hair, but if you do have clean hair, then hairspray always helps to lock in the curls and I'm now on Day 3 of softer waves.
Overall Thoughts
Yes Primark you did it again! Gosh where do I start... Firstly this is such a great price point and the fact that you get a straightener and curler in one is amazing value for money. It's also accessible to anyone and everyone which makes it that little bit more appealing, as who doesn't love to pick up an instant steal! 

Performance wise I have to say I was impressed when comparing it to my regular hair tools as it actually did a pretty great job at both straightening and curling my hair, just make sure when straightening that you pull the tool away from your face. 

Overall I adore my GHD's and these are certainly not a replacement for them, however for the price, the Primark version are worth picking up if not just for a back up or to have as a handy travel pair.

I award the Primark 2 in 1 Straighten and Curl Iron a 4.5 out of 5


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