Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Primark Metallic Liquid Lipstick Lip Kit Review & Photos

Primark Lip Kit
I think it's safe to say I've tested out my fair share of interesting beauty finds from the mother ship that is Primark and today is no different.

This time we're talking metallic lip kits, so here's my thoughts...
The Primark Get Lippy Lip Kits retail for an affordable £3 each.

There is two matte and two metallic shades to choose from including,
- Cookie Dough (Matte)
- Chocolate Brownie (Matte)
- Molten Lava (Metallic)
- Molten Bronze (Metallic)
The kit comes in an attractive metallic box, which is for sure what caught my eye initially.

Inside you'll find a lip liner and liquid lipstick. The liner is beautifully packaged with gold accents, however the liquid lipstick doesn't look as premium compared to the liner, but it is wrapped in your chosen colour and it does come with a doe foot applicator also.
I have already put to the test a few drugstore matte lip kits, so I decided to pick up Molten Bronze which is one of the metallic lip kits instead to demo.

I do recommend you watch the video too, so that you can get a feel for how this performed live.
Firstly I started out with the lip liner. This colour was actually a nice wearable shade for maybe a night out, however the pencil itself was hard to work with and I did have to press down quite firmly to distribute the colour evenly.
The liquid lipstick has a slightly oily, thin consistency and did go on a little patchy, but this is true to colour and buildable too.

Longevity wise this was budge proof for the five hours that I had it on, but I did have to take this off after that as my lips felt uncomfortable and the lipstick showed up all the cracks on my lips.
Overall Thoughts 
Overall this wasn't good look for me! Yes this is a super affordable lip kit considering you get a lip liner and liquid lipstick in the pack and yes, I did like the fact this came in two matte and two metallic shades too.

Packaging wise this was nicely presented and the lip liner wasn't a bad colour despite this being hard to work with. However... here's the thing, I do think metallic lips are definitely one of those passing trends, just like rainbow highlighters, that will be popular for that point in time, but realistically it's not something that you could wear on a everyday basis. I think this trend is best left for editorial edits instead...

I award the Primark Get Lippy Metallic Lip Kit a 2 out of 5

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