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Makeup Revolution Banana Powder Review and Photos

Makeup Revolution Banana Powder 
I think it's safe to say the Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder resembles the ever-popular Ben Nye Banana Powder*. So what is banana powder makeup exactly used for I hear you say? Well, this is actually a makeup artist secret that is not so secret anymore! This yellow powder is used to set or 'bake' mainly the under eyes and anywhere where you would normally apply your concealer. It's especially popular for the under eyes because of it's yellow tone that can help brighten too.
The Makeup Revolution Banana Powder retails for a super affordable £5 for 42g of product. The powder is available from Superdrug in stores, and Ulta* in the US.
The packaging is super simple and almost identical to the Ben Nye version, even down to the sieve applicator.

Because this is a loose powder I would advise using the lid to tap some of the product into or the back of your hand as this does get a little messy.

Upon application, the powder has a thick and silky consistency to it and can be used one of two ways,

BAKING - As I mentioned above you can use this to bake and contour with using a damp makeup sponge.  If you're not familiar with baking I will link a how-to video here.

LIGHT DUSTING - You can also use this with a brush to lightly dust over the face to mattify and set your concealer too.

I experimented with both application methods and I have to say because this is a heavy powder I preferred using this with a brush to lightly dust over the face as I found baking under the eye too heavy for me personally. Also, it's worth noting that if you have dry skin, this may not be the best powder for you.
I wouldn't say this stayed matte all day for me and so I would advise touching up if you want to stay matte throughout the day and right into the evening.

Overall Thoughts 
I have to say I did love the luxury feel of the powder and it really did help mattify my face after foundation and concealer. I also like the fact that along with my concealer this did help mask my dark circles and redness, however, I don't think this did much in the way of overly brightening my complexion.

As I mentioned above because of the consistency of this powder I much prefer using this to lightly set my face as I found this creased under my eyes slightly if I used too much of the product.

Overall I think this powder is a wonderful dupe for the Ben Nye version, plus its amazing value for money for how much you get in the pot, although I do think this is best suited to anyone who loves a full coverage face and is a fan of baking.

I award the Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder a 3.9 out of 5

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