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Makeup Revolution Brow Revolution Review and Photos - Wunderbrow Dupe

Makeup Revolution Brow Revolution Gel
It's safe to say I've tried my fair share of brow products. However, I often think how can they possibly think of anything else that hasn't already been done?! Well, step forward the latest innovation, the 2 minute, fibre brow gel. This newest formula is efficient and effective at giving you long-wearing and budge-proof brows and thanks to the original Wunderbrow creation, this new trend is becoming ever more popular...

Now Makeup Revolution never ceases to amaze me with jumping on trends quickly and creating their own affordable versions, and while I haven't tried the original Wunderbrow I wanted to put to the test the next best thing, so here are my thoughts...
The Makeup Revolution Brow Revolution retails for £6 for 3.8 g of product compared to the Wunderbrow which retails for £19.95 for 3g of product. The Brow Revolution is also available in 5 shades including,
Soft Brown
Medium Brown
Dark Brunette
The brow gel comes in an informative box with a step by step guide on how to apply and remove the product. The gel itself is packaged in the most stunning copper tube and you really do get a generous amount of product overall compared to the Wunderbrow.

Inside the applicator is more like a lip brush which is unusual to see on this type of product.
A brow spoolie is also included too.
1. It is recommended as per the box that you apply this to clean, dry brows.
2. Next, go in with the gel using a feathering motion, especially in sparse areas.
3. To finish use the spoolie provided to comb the product through.

I suggest you also watch my demo in the video linked above so you can get a feel for how this product applies live as I actually applied this two ways... For the first eyebrow, I used the brush to apply this and then for the second brow I used my usual small angled brow brush to see how they both compared.

Upon application, the best way to describe the consistency of the brow gel is more like a very thin, runny liquid eye liner and because of that I actually found my usual angled brush easier to apply the product as you could be more precise. However, if you're short on time or the brush included is all you have then this does work pretty well, I just recommend wiping off the excess before hand to prevent too much product seeping into the brows. Finally just remember to brush everything out with the spoolie included.

Overall I really liked how this felt light and looked natural on the brows, I also loved the fact this was relatively quick and easy to use.

For reference, I picked this up in Medium Brown as at the time I couldn't get hold of the soft brown, but ideally, I think the soft brown would be more suited for me personally.
Longevity wise this stayed right in place for a good 11 hours total which was impressive!

To take this off it's recommended you use an oily makeup remover and so I wanted to test out different ways of removing this to see if it really was as budge and transfer proof as it claimed. I actually recommend watching the video for this part (9.57 to be precise) so you can see what I used and how easy it really was to remove.

Overall Thoughts
I have to say I really did enjoy using this. Firstly I think this is excellent value for money considering how much you get in the tube, it honestly would last you an eternity! (not that I advocate using this for eternity!) The colour selection is also great and the packaging is informative and on trend.

Application wise this is rather quick and easy to use and you really only need to use this one product to get perfect brows. However, having used this a fair few times now I do recommend using a separate fine angled brow brush to apply this as it gives you a more precise, cleaner application.

Overall this is a 'wonderful' and unique brow product and if you're after something that's quick, easy, long-wearing and budge-proof then for £6 this is really worth a try.

I award the Makeup Revolution Brow Revolution a 4.8 out of 5

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