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Nails Inc 7 Piece Special Effects Collection Review, Swatches & Photos

Every so often QVCUK have a super TSV (Today's Special Value) from Nails Inc with an amazing price for one day from midnight to midnight and this was no exception. This great value pack consisted of five special effects polish and two block colours called the Nails Inc 7 Piece Special Effects Collection priced at £28.91 including P&P, with value and colours like this I just couldn't pass it by and it gave me a great opportunity to try out special effects that I had never tried before.

When the package arrived they weren't in a presentation box, instead they were just all bunched together in a bag, this concerned me as they were polishes that had been posted so they may have been thrown about a bit on their journey,. When I cut open the bag they were all individually wrapped in bubble wrap which was reassuring.
The actual bottles themselves are sleek looking although I do find the caps a bit bulky and plastic but they clearly state the name of the nail polish, and whether they are a special effects varnish which is great.

Cream gloss neon orange

The cream gloss block colours are lovely and smooth on application, the glitter polishes are chunky as the bottle is loaded with so much glitter so you can get the full effect, however they do even out once you put your top coat on.

A magenta 3D glitter filled polish with rainbow glitter shot throught the pink

The cream gloss block colours are really pigmented so you can get away with just applying one coat if your short for time, nevertheless  I do advise applying two. The mirror metallic needs two coats as the consistency is a little thinner, but it still gives great coverage. The two sprinkles effect colours need two coats as they are part cream gloss, part glitter. The solid glitters need two coats to evenly cover and a dabbing technique is better to apply so you get the most coverage from your application.
A deep purple mirrored effect polish which has gold & bronze shot through it when you look in different lights

The brush is a nice size for application and I find it covers most of my nail on the first coat, the cap can be a little awkward to hold but overall it is easy to apply.

A navy glitter filled 3D polish

The cream gloss, sprinkles and mirror metallic stay on for around 4 days and even 5 if you really look after them, the glitter stays on longer but I did find I may have put on too much of a thick coat and so they chipped easily so make sure you seal the edge of the nail with a top coat to prevent chipping.

A turquoise cream based polish with deep blue & gold glitter shot through to give the illusion of cupcake sprinkles.

Price is unbeatable with Nails Inc. polishes usually retailing at £11 a bottle this set would of worked out at £77! but with the Today's Special Value price at £28.91 you only ended up paying for around two and half bottles and you get 7! The price at the moment on the QVCUK website is £34.20 including P&P so you're still getting an amazing discount and you're able to try some of the newest special effects on the market, what more could you ask for.
A grey taupe cream based polish with red, gold & blue fine glitter shot through to create the fine sprinkles effect.

Overall, I think this set is worth every penny, great value, the newest best selling colours, up to the minute nail trends and a great price!

A taupe/grey cream gloss polish
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