Friday, 30 October 2015

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover Review and Photos

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover
I've been on the hunt for an effective cuticle remover for years now, but have never quite found anything that worked for me personally. While searching through my beauty bible, other wise know as Pinterest, I came across the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover which seemed like a popular drugstore choice. Now while I can't currently find this hear in the UK, I did manage to snap this up when I was in the US recently, so here's my thoughts.
This actually varies in price from store to store, but it does retail on average for around $7 for 29.5ml of product, which is about £5 in English money.
This comes boxed with easy and informative instructions on how to use on the back of the box. I also love the size of this cuticle remover as you defiantly get a generous amount of gel inside this hygienic, screw top, squeezy tube.
I squeezed a tiny amount of the gel onto each cuticle and left for 15 seconds, as per the instructions, just be careful not to over squeeze the tube as it does come out quite fast. Next taking a cuticle stick, push back the cuticles and rinse the remaining gel off. This really is such a simple, fuss free way to remove the cuticles and it certainly removed mine super quickly and easily.
Overall Thoughts
Finally I've found an effective cuticle remover, that does all the hard work for me, so there's defiantly no excuse for me not to look after my cuticles now! This amazing remover not only has a decent amount of product, it's affordable and super simple to use as well, it's just a shame this particular cuticle remover is not sold here in the UK.
So if your like me and have never quite found a cuticle remover that does an adequate job and your also lucky enough to have access to this product, it may defiantly be worth a go.
I award the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover 4.5 out of 5

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Autumnal Shades Make-Up Look using MAC Cosmetics

Autumn Make-Up Look
As you know from my Autumn Make-Up and Nail Edit post, I'm totally feeling the Autumnal shade vibes. Today I thought I would share with you another make-up look I've been loving recently, using some beautiful shades from MAC and Maybelline.

What are your favourite shadow shades to play with over the festive period? Don't forget to tweet me or leave a comment down below.
Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and on Bronze
MAC Coppering

For my eyes I teamed one of my favourite Maybelline Color Tattoo's in On and On Bronze with MAC Coppering. I love Coppering as it really makes a green eye pop.
MAC Eye Kohl in Tarnish
MAC Pigment in Teal
On the lower lash liner I used MAC Eye Kohl in Tarnish and MAC Teal Pigment blended out over the top.
MAC Cherish
For the lips I used one of my all time favourite MAC lipsticks, Cherish which is another perfect Autumn shade.


Thursday, 22 October 2015

A little bit of a Sephora Haul - My Happy Place!

Sephora Haul
I think I'm in the majority vote when I say Sephora is my happy place, it's also somewhere I don't get to go very often. Unfortunately we don't have a Sephora in the UK (which I'm baffled by!) so my only opportunity to ever go is when I visit the US. I recently came back from Vegas and off course while I was out there I did many trips to my happy place, armed with a list of products that where on my Pinterest wishlistso here's what I picked up.

Reviews on all the products mentioned will be coming soon, so don't forget to keep posted.
Products Mentioned
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If you guys have any recommendations on other Sheet Masks I should try, then don't forget to leave me a comment down below or tweet me.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

YSL Black Opium Perfume Review and Photos

YSL Black Opium
Yves Saint Laurent is one of my favourite brands for fragrance, because not only do they have a stunning selection of perfumes, they also come in the most decadent bottles. Black Opium is the latest offering from the YSL Opium collection, so here's my thoughts.

What's your go to perfume you love to wear on a night out? Leave me a comment down below or tweet me.
Black Opium is an Eau de Parfum and comes in three sizes including, 30ml which retails for £45, 50ml for £64 and 90ml for £84. This is a high end luxury eau de parfum, so the hefty price tag is to be expected. This also comes in an Eau de Toilette version too, which has a more pinker bottle and is a slightly more affordable too.
When I first discovered this fragrance, the packaging caught my eye straight away, before I even knew what it was. Black opium comes packaged in a beautiful stunning black, black glitter and pewter box and the bottle itself is adorned in a black glitter with a circular glass window in the middle, as well as a hygienic spray applicator and top.
The Notes and Longevity
Just going by the packaging you can tell this is a deep, dark, seductive fragrance and if your a fan of the more musky scents, then this could be for you. Black Opium has a beautiful mix of notes including Jasmine, Coffee and Cedar. For a more detailed description of the notes, I always use Fragrantica when searching for a new perfume.

On my skin this lasts all day, but everyone is different depending on lifestyle and how it can smell on you compared to someone else.
Overall Thoughts
For me I absolutely love this perfume as not only is the packaging appealing to the eye, the scent itself is a gorgeous deep, dark mix of notes which compliment each other perfectly. Yes this is an expensive perfume, but if you opt for the Eau de Parfum, it will last that little bit longer on the skin and there's always the Eau de Toilette version if that's a little out of your price range. So if your after a new fragrance, that's just right for the up and coming party season, then this could be for you.

I award the YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum 4.9 out of 5

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Autumn Make-Up and Nail Edit featuring MAC Cranberry

Autumn Make-up and Nail Polish
Now it's starting to get colder here in the UK, it's defiantly feeling more like Autumn and now is the perfect time to change up my look and rock the deeper, darker shades for the season. Here's a look at what products have been making an appearance in my make-up bag over the past couple of weeks.
This week I finally took of my Wedding Gel nails and opted for a more appropriate Autumnal colour in the form of Essie Angora Cardi. I bought this shade last year but never got around to wearing it until now. It is the most beautiful deep shade of red with a mauve undertone, perfect for those cold crisp days.
Essie Angora Cardi
Make-up wise I have been leaning more towards the on trend burgundy shades on my eyes and matte taupe colours on my cheeks and lips. Maybelline Metallic Pomegranate Color Tattoo is the most stunning shimmery shade and is great as a base or worn alone. MAC Cranberry is a beautiful shade of raspberry that looks gorgeous on top of the color tattoo.
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate
MAC Cranberry
Usually I love a metallic or shimmery blush, but just recently I've re-discovered MAC Buff a beautiful matte taupe/peach blush, which helps even out all the shimmer going on, on my eyes.
MAC Buff
I posted about MAC Velvet Teddy only this week, but this is fast becoming a firm favourite of mine along with MAC Cherish.

MAC Velvet Teddy
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