Thursday, 23 June 2016

Benefit Hoola Zero Tan Lines Review & Photos

Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines
To finish up my Benefit reviewing trio, I have the new Hoola Zero Tanlines to try out. This caught my eye of course because of the stunning packaging, but also because I am partial to a quick fix if I haven't got time to tan and I'm in need of an instant glow for a night out. Rimmel Instant Tan is usually my go to saviour, but with the release of this Benefit version, I wanted to see if a higher end version worked just as well as my affordable one, so here's my thoughts.
This retails for £19.50 for 147ml of product, which is expensive for an instant tanner, but I have to be honest the packaging alone sold this to me!
As I mentioned above the packaging is gorgeous as not only is the box stunning, but the tube inside is also packaged beautifully too. This also has a neat application sponge tucked away in the top for non messy tanning application.
Upon application this instant tan has a light gel texture and a lovely fresh, tropical smell. It's also fairly easy and non messy to apply because of the added sponge included, but it can be hard to blend seamlessly in places with the sponge only, so I would recommend using your hands to finish blending, making sure to either wear disposable gloves or washing them thoroughly after.
I was quite surprised at how light this looked initially, especially on my pale, freckly skin, but the colour is buildable so I ended up applying two coats which gave me a subtle matte, natural glow.
After application I had to wait a fair few minutes for this to dry properly and it did feel slightly sticky to touch in places, so if you are doing more than one coat, which I would recommend, I advise waiting a little in between coats.
The colour overall did stay on throughout most of my day until I was ready to wash this off.
Overall Thoughts
As I mentioned above this is expensive for an instant tan that only lasts until you wash it off, but the packaging did reel me in hook, line and sinker because of the gorgeous design, fresh tropical smell and nifty sponge applicator concealed in the lid.

The formula is nice if not a little a sticky and therefore I do recommend waiting for it to dry in between layers, as well as using a combination of the sponge to initially apply and your hands to finish, nevertheless this does last well throughout the day.

Overall I did like this for a more subtle quick fix, but I do think this is best suited to either paler skins who are only after a hint of colour or for anyone who wants to further enhance an existing tan. So if your hoping this will give you a deep, dark instant tan then the Hoola Zero Tanlines may disappoint you and therefore something like the Rimmel Instant Tan would be more suited as it has a great selection of darker shades, plus it's half the price!
I award the Benefit Hoola Zero Tan Lines 3.8 out 5
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