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Revolution Ultra Strobe Balm Review & Photos

Revolution Ultra Strobe Balm in Euphoria
Revolution is a brand I discovered about six months ago and it's safe to say I have been obsessed with them ever since! When I'm out shopping I always make a bee line for the Makeup Revolution stand at my local Superdrug, to see what's new and to hunt down anything I haven't tried yet. This time my eyes lit up when I saw the words STROBE BALM, as I'm a total magpie when it comes to anything shimmery, illuminating and glittery. Now I'm already a big fan of the Radiance Lights Palette which is more of a subtle highlighting duo, but this Strobe Balm is a cream highlighter that illuminates the skin and cream highlighters is something I having delved into much, so here's my thoughts.
This retails for only £5.00 for 6.5g of product, which is great value for money if your after a more affordable highlighter to try out. The Ultra Strobe Balm also comes in two shades including Hypnotic, a yellow toned champagne shade and Euphoria, a pink pearlescent shade, which is the one I picked up.
The packaging is very simple, yet clear on what the product is and does. I also love the silver box and copper writing on the compact itself.
On the Revolution website it mentions you can actually use this wet as well as dry. I used this dry and applied this with my fingers to the tops of the cheeks, but you could also use this on the cupids bow, nose, or as an all over highlighter rubbed in well, under foundation. The product itself has a gorgeous light creamy texture that applies beautifully over the skin. I liked this best on the cupids bow and tops of the cheeks, but you could wear this on the cheeks underneath a powder highlighter to intensify the glow. For me this worked best with other cream and liquid products including a dewy foundation, cream or liquid blush and no face powder around this area.
Because of it's super creamy formula, this didn't last all day for me, so if you are going out at night, I would recommend popping it in your bag for touch ups or if you prefer, set it with a powder highlighter on top.
Overall Thoughts
I loved the pearlescent finish, ultra creamy consistency and affordable price tag of this strobe balm. I also really enjoyed the fact this product was versatile too, even though the consistency is a little bit slippery on the face, but if you use a little at a time and rub it in well, it makes for the most beautiful highlight for the cheeks if your not into powder highlighters. Overall this is a great multipurpose product to try if your an avid highlighter fanatic or you want to try out a cream formula but you don't want to spend loads on trying one out. For me Revolution continues to surprise me with quality, affordability and accessible on trend makeup products.

I award the Revolution Ultra Strobe Balm 4 out of 5
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