Saturday, 30 July 2016

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Gloss Review & Photos

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturising Lip Gloss
Now I'm already an avid fan of the original Maybelline Baby Lips and if you'd watched my latest video, you would have seen my rather large collection of them! Last year while I was in the US I managed to get my hands on the Baby Lips Lip Gloss which I reviewed here. This year a smaller condensed collection of the gloss's finally arrived here in the UK and thanks to Maybelline, I got to try out the whole seven shades! Having already reviewed these, I will just give you a brief overview of the UK collection with regards, to price, shades and names.
These retail for £4.99 each for 5ml of gloss, which is a little more expensive compared to the US versions, but they are still are a nice affordable price point for a drugstore lip gloss.

The collection consists of 7 wearable shades including,
Taupe with Me - A nude cream based gloss with a slight peachy undertone.
Life's a Peach - A light peachy coral, cream based gloss.
Pink-a-Boo - A subtle light pink cream formula.
Pink Pizzaz - A clear gloss with a slight pink undertone.
Fuchsia Flicker - A very subtle shimmery pink gloss.
Fab & Fuchsia - A clear based gloss with a subtle hint of pink.
Wink of Pink - A clear gloss with a pink shimmer shot through it.
The packaging is, of course, adorable and right up my street and I think I actually prefer the white tops with a pop of colour compared to the contrasting coloured wands on the US versions.
Left to Right - Taupe With Me, Life's a Peach, Pink-a-Boo, Pink Pizzaz, Fuchsia Flicker, Fab & Fuchsia & Wink of Pink
These apply smoothly and don't feel sticky on the lips at all, they also smell delicious too! Each shade gives you a subtle pop of colour, which can be worn alone or on top of the original Baby Lips Lip Balms, which I personally like.
As I mentioned in my original review, I'm not much of a lip gloss lover anymore and I tend to lean more towards a lip balm or liquid lipstick nowadays. But I do love the concept of these and the fact they are non-sticky and moisturising on the lips. I also think these are great for a more younger audience, as well as anyone who is not into lipstick but still likes to wear a subtle pop of colour on the lips. I also think these look great on top of the baby lips lip balms, which would be my personal preference. So if your a total lip gloss junkie, who loves cute packaging, as well as sweet smelling, tinted glosses, then I think these are defiantly worth a peak!

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