Thursday, 13 April 2017

Maybelline Color Drama Lip Contour Palette Review and Photo's

Maybelline Color Drama Lip Palette
Just lately I've seen an increasing number of brands releasing lip palette's. Now this is something I've always considered as a pro product, however many drugstore brands are now creating their own affordable versions too.

Maybelline recently released a little bit of a different take on this concept, in the form of the lip contour palette. The palette has everything you need to create and give you the illusion of a fuller lip, so here's my thoughts...
The Color Drama Lip Contour Palette retails for £9.99 and comes in two shades, Blushed Bombshell (a pink/brown mix) and Crimson Vixon (a red/plum mix).
The palette is simply packaged with a handy how to guide on the back. Both palette's include a lip primer, three matte lining shades, three matte colours, a highlighter and double-ended brush.
1. The first step is to apply the primer with your fingers. I really enjoyed using this primer as it did the perfect job of smoothing, mattifying and priming my lips.

 2. Next it is recommend you use the brush to line the lips with one of the liner shades.

3. You then can go in with any three of the slightly lighter shades to fill in the lips. I actually preferred using my fingers to apply these, but you can use whatever you feel works best for you.

4. Lastly you can use the highlighter on either the centre of the lips or on the cupids bow to give the illusion of a fuller lip.

I love the fact that this palette is also customisable, so you can mix the colours together to create your own personal shades too. Furthermore this is perfect for travel if you don't want to take your whole lipstick wardrobe away with you, as it's compact and has everything you need in one palette to go.
Although this primer does help the colour last that little bit longer, it does fade throughout the day, therefore re-application is recommended.
Overall Thoughts
Overall I love the concept of these, however they do take a little more time and effort if you're after the more fuller, contoured lip look. But hey, no worries if you're short for time, then these palette's are also versatile meaning you can easily mix the colours together with your fingers, to create your own custom shades in seconds.

Packaging wise these palette's are nice and compact and there's a great selection of shades in each to cater for both daytime and evening appropriate looks. But I think ultimately these are the most ideal for traveling and to pop in your handbag for on the go touch ups if you're not a fan of dragging many different lip products around...

I award the Maybelline Color Drama Lip Contour Palette a 4 out of 5

*This product was sent to me, but as always all opinions are my own.

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