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MUA Luxe Shimmer Sheets Review & Photos

MUA Luxe Shimmer Sheets
This week I kicked off an exciting week of First Impressions over on my channel here. This time I wanted to focus on everything highlighting and illuminating as there has been quite a few interesting new releases of late.

First up is the MUA Luxe Shimmer Sheets, that I had been frantically looking for, for over a month! These are essentially books of paper (similar to blotting paper), that are saturated with powder highlighter?! Crazy I know, so here's my thoughts...
The Shimmer Sheets retail for an affordable £3 for 40 sheets and you can choose from either Rose Gold or White Gold. These are available from Superdrug and the MUA Website.
Initially when I spotted these I did think there wasn't much to them compared to a regular book of blotting paper, which is generally a lot thicker. However as I mentioned above you do get 40 sheets and interestingly these are manufactured in Korea.

The packaging itself is beautifully adorned in MUA Luxe's signature foil packaging and each book is wrapped in an additional plastic wrapper, which I recommend you keep, as the sheets do have a quite a bit of fall out from the book itself.
I actually decided to try out both at the same time, so I used the white gold on the right cheek and the rose gold on the left cheek. To apply, all you do is carefully rip out one of the sheets and either apply this directly from the paper to the skin, if you're on the go or you can use a brush if desired.

I decided to apply this directly from the paper onto the tops of my cheeks. I just used a patting motion to apply and then I blended them out with a brush afterwards.

The white gold really didn't need blending in after application as this wasn't as vibrant compared to the rose gold, but I have to say this was definitely my favourite, as it was a paler iridescent gold with a pink undertone.
MUA Luxe White Gold Shimmer Sheets
The rose gold is much more intense and to me this is best suited to tanned or darker skin tones, or you could even use this as a blush topper instead.
MUA Luxe Rose Gold Shimmer Sheets
I wore these for a good ten hours and I have to say they lasted pretty well, with the exception of a little fade towards the end of the night.
White Gold
Rose Gold
Overall Thoughts
Overall I have to say I loved the concept of these as they are compact and perfect for travel. Each of the shades are equally as beautiful and I like the fact that both cater for a number of different skin tones too.

Application wise these are super easy to use, either straight from the sheet, with a brush or even with your fingers. Either way the shades are buildable and give you that glow from within however and wherever you decide to use them.

Finally these last pretty well and honestly for the price, they are worth just picking up to pop in your bag if you're ever in need of that instant on the go glow.

I award the MUA Luxe Shimmer Sheets a 4.2 out of 5

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