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Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter Review & Swatches - Custom FX Custom Enhancer Dupes?

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter Unicorn Elixir, Starlight, Champagne, Bronze and Rose Gold
The Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters are the newest launch to the Revolution family, and I have to say when I first saw these I got a little bit over excited as firstly I could see there was a Unicorn one and secondly because these look extremely similar to the cult Custom FX Enhancer Drops! So here's everything you need to know about these including my personal thoughts...
The collection consists of 7 liquid highlighters that retail for £6 each for 18ml of product, whereas the Cover FX Drops retail for £34 for only 15ml of product. Here's a rundown of each of the shades...

1. Unicorn Elixir > Similar to Halo from Cover FX
2. Starlight > Cover FX Celestial
3. Champagne > Cover FX Sunkissed
4. Luminous Gold > Cover FX Sunlight
5. Bronze Gold > Cover FX Candlelight
6. Lustre Gold > Cover FX Moonlight
7. Rose Gold > Cover FX Rose Gold

The packaging on these is stunning and I love the fact that each bottle has a colour coordinated label to correspond to the shade inside. The bottles are actually glass and come with a pipette applicator, that allows you to control how much you use.
The actual liquid is very concentrated so it can be used and customised in many different ways. I've been testing out the five colours I picked up to share with you, so here are a few suggestions on how you can use each of the shades. Also be sure to watch my live demo in the video linked above so you can see the products in action.

Illuminating Base

Add 1 drop of Starlight to any regular face moisturiser and mix away to create an illuminating glow to the skin. 

Strobe Cream

Mix 1 drop of Unicorn Elixir again to any regular face moisturiser to give you the ultimate glistening base.

Dewy Foundation Base

Mix 1-2 drops of either Starlight or Champagne to a non-glowy Foundation to amp up any make-up look.

Cheek Highlighter

Use 1 drop of the concentrated formula with a damp sponge and apply directly to the tops of the cheeks, cupids bow, brow bone and nose.

All Over Party Glow

Mix 2-3 drops to a regular body moisturiser to give you the most stunning all over glisten. This is perfect for the party season or if you want to show off your Summer holiday tan.

Custom Cocktail

Mix two of the highlighters together to create your own custom illuminating cocktail base. 

A few takeaway tips for you to remember...

I recommend starting off with one drop when mixing the liquids and then building up the intensity as desired, but the world is your oyster when it comes to these highlighters as there are just so many different uses for them, which I love. 

The actual consistency of these as I mentioned above is a very smooth concentrated liquid that is not glittery at all, with the exception of the Unicorn Elixir that has a slightly chunkier formula if used alone. 
Revolution Unicorn Elixir
Revolution Liquid Starlight
Revolution Liquid Champagne
Revolution Liquid Bronze Gold
Revolution Liquid Rose Gold
These lasted exceptional well throughout the day especially if you're using them alone as a highlight or mixed in with a body moisturiser. However, if you are mixing the highlighters in with your foundation or face moisturiser and you're putting them underneath products i.e powder/bronzer/blush they will last, but they may not show through as well compared to wearing them on their own, I hope that makes sense, if not please watch my final thoughts at 11.42 in the video where I explain it better! 
If you want to see the Unicorn Elixir in action skip to 12.20 in the video to see how stunning this is in real life!

Overall Thoughts
Firstly price wise these are exceptional great value for money anyway considering how much you get in the bottle and the fact you don't need to use too much. And comparing them to the cult Custom Enhancer Drops, these are honestly a total steal if you can't quite stretch to the £34 Cover FX price tag.

I adore the premium quality packaging, selection of shades and versatility, however, for me I did find the pipette applicators a little hard to pick up enough product out of the bottle if you need more than one drop, but on the whole, these are relatively easy to use. 

Application wise I advise following my take away tips up above for foolproof application and just remember it's better to start with just the one drop first and then add more if desired. 

Overall I loved these Liquid Highlighters as they are truly one of those WOW, must-have products and if you're a massive fan of Makeup Revolution or Highlighters in general and you're looking for something a little different to add to your collection, then I highly recommend taking a peek at these! 

Finally, Makeup Revolution continues to amaze me by pioneering the drugstore market with affordable, on trend quality products and I'm forever excited to see what they will come up with next...

I award the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters a 4.9 out of 5

The Liquid Highlights are available in Superdrug stores from the 20th September or if you must get your hands on them ASAP, then head on over to the Tam Beauty or Superdrug Website to get yours now!


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