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5 Makeup Revolution Highlighters Totally Worth the Hype

Makeup Revolution Highlighter
Today I'm continuing my Drugstore Products Worth Buying Series and this time we're talking all things Revolution. Now Makeup Revolution has fast become one of my favourite drugstore Brands alongside Maybelline because they focus on fast, on-trend, affordable quality products that are completely accessible. However, if you're familiar with the brand then you'll know that there is A LOT of products they have and release on a monthly basis and so it's impossible for me to choose just five... So this one I'm breaking down into two parts as the two things I think they do amazingly well is eyeshadow palettes and highlighters.

In this post I'm going to be sharing with you my Top 5 Highlighters Worth Buying and then in Part 2 I will do the same with the Eyeshadow Palettes. Also be sure to give the corresponding video below a watch too and if you're not already Subscribed to the PPB Channel then feel free to do so here for more First Impressions, Reviews, Fashion, Lifestyle, DIYs and more.
Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette

1. Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette

First up we have the Revolution Radiance Palette which is an amazing dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. This comes in at £8 for three beautiful shades that are perfect for setting your concealer and foundation. I love this palette for everyday as all three of the shades are subtle and give you more of a beautiful glow from within rather than an intense glow.

Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2

2. Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold

This 2nd palette is actually classed as a blush palette, but inside you actually get two lovely bronze/blush shades, one pretty blush and five stunning highlighter shades that can be worn alone, dusted across the decollate or as blush toppers. This palette is only £6 and is perfect for anyone is highlighter obsessed just like me! 

Makeup Revolution Stobe Highlighter Radiant Lights

3. Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter Radiant Lights

Radiant Lights is another beautifully, wearable everyday shade, that's insanely affordable too! This £3 highlighter is very similar to the radiance palette with a little more punch. I adore this as a cheek highlighter as it' has a lovely pink hue with a subtle silver undertone. 

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters

4. Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters

These next highlighters you may recognise from my recent first impression here. I won't talk too much about why these are so amazing as if you watched my review you'll already know. But what I will say is these tremendously versatile highlighters are wonderful dupes for the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops and the best part they are only £6! 

Makeup Revolution Unicorn Heart

5. Makeup Revolution Unicorn Heart

This last highlighter I had to include in this lineup. The Unicorn Heart is actually from the younger sister brand I Love Makeup. This beautifully packaged highlighter is only £5 and is such a fun one to add to your collection if you're either a total highlighter hoarder or you adore anything unicorn themed. This intensely pigmented heart has five different shimmery shades that can be swirled all together to create the ultimate cheek highlighter or you could use any of the shades individually as shadows or blush toppers also.

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