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Tanya Burr Selfie Lash Mascara Review and Photos

Tanya Burr Selfie Story Collection
Last week Tanya Burr released possibly her most exciting collection to date called the Selfie Story Collection. The Selfie Story assortment consists of the Selfielash Mascara, Selfie Sculpt Brow Pencils, and the Selfie Flick Black Eyeliner. I was lucky enough to win one of the mascara's so of course, I had to put this to the test straight away, so here are my thoughts...
The mascara retails for £7.99 for 9.5ml of product, the Selfie Sculpt Brow Pencil is £6.49 and comes in three shades, Fair, Medium, and Dark, and the Selfie Flick Black Eyeliner is a liquid liner that retails for £4.99.
Tanya Burr Selfie Lash Mascara
I adore the black and gold packaging that continues throughout the whole collection as it has such a lovely premium feel to it.
The mascara also has a fantastic long and thin rubber wand full of short spiky bristles that form into a pointy tip.
Firstly I love the fact that this mascara doesn't make any brash or bold claims on how it performs, but what it does say is that the Selfie Lash is a buildable and eye defining mascara...

Upon application, this mascara instantly lifted and lengthened my lashes without the need for eyelash curlers, furthermore, I really liked the fact I could build up the volume without the worry of clumps. In addition, this has a perfect consistency as it's not too thin or thick which I think is what makes this such a great volume-building mascara. The overall look is separated, lifted and lengthened lashes.
This wore for nearly 12 hours straight without a flake or transfer in sight which was great!

Overall Thoughts
If you've watched my First Impression video above to go with this post then you'll know by now I'm totally in love with this mascara!! The price, packaging, consistency and the way this performs overall are just so right and this for me is one of those perfect all-rounder mascaras that I haven't put down since I tested it initially.

I have been subscribed to Tanya for years now and I remember her saying a few years back how she was in the midst of creating a mascara however it just wasn't quite right at the time, fast forward to now and you can tell that Tanya has put a lot of thought and effort into making this mascara just right. and I commend her for that.

So if you're a fan of a clump-free, lash building, lengthening mascara's then this may just be your new go-to mascara!

I award the Tanya Burr Selfie Lash Mascara a 4.9 out of 5

You can find the Selfie Story Collection at Feel Unique and selected Superdrug stores.

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