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The Ordinary Serum Foundation Review and Photos

The Ordinary Foundation
It's safe to say The Ordinary skincare has taken the UK by storm and if you haven't heard of the brand before then they are part of the Deciem umbrella which consists of a growing number of brands whose primary focus is skincare.

The Ordinary for me has revolutionized the way we see and buy skincare thanks to their non-fancy packaging and extraordinary price points and I'm already in the process of putting their skincare line through its paces so I will keep you updated with a final review here on the blog in the not too distant future. But first I wanted to share with you my final thoughts on the tremendously popular new serum foundation. This lightweight foundation is the 2nd foundation within their colour collection, so is it really worth the hype...
The Ordinary Serum Foundation retails for a very reasonable £5.70 for 30ml of product. This also has an SPF 15 and comes in 21 shades that cater from everyone who has pink to yellow, red and neutral undertones.
Although The Ordinary's focus is the ingredients and price points more than the packaging, I think I'm in the majority vote when I say I really love the simple packaging. The foundations are also housed in black boxes to differentiate between the colour and skincare collections.

The foundation itself comes in a plastic bottle with a hygienic pump applicator for ease of use, but you can also purchase an additional dropper if you prefer applying it this way instead.
Before use, be sure to shake the bottle as this is a serum foundation. I also recommend applying this to the back of your hand or a palette so you can pick up the product from there as the consistency is very thin and runny.

Upon application, the foundation has a lovely lightweight feel to it and it doesn't look greasy or over oily, however, I did have to powder down my t-zone area as it did look a tad shiny around this area. Overall this glides on super easily and looks lovely and natural, for me, it just looked like my skin but better!

This has a medium coverage and so it does cover imperfections or redness, however, if you do have the odd pesky spot I would suggest concealing them first with a heavier concealer and then going in with the foundation over the top. Also if you do suffer from acne I would maybe give the 'Coverage Foundation' ago as this is a full coverage formula, although I haven't tried this myself so I would suggest reading some reviews first.

I initially used this with a damp Beauty Blender but I have since tried this with a brush and I would say a damp sponge is the better option for this type of foundation for me personally, it just gives a more desirable finish overall. 
I wore this foundation for just over 8 hours total and it really did stay well with the exception of a little bit of shine towards the end of the evening.
Overall Thoughts
Overall I absolutely loved wearing this foundation as firstly this is such amazing value for money considering how much you get in the bottle and the fact there are 21 shades to choose from that have various different undertones is fantastic. Packaging wise I adore the simple yet informative box and if you require any further information about a product then you can also go on their website here or you can tweet Deciem directly. (From my own experience they are tremendously helpful).

Application wise the hygienic pump is great but just be sure to shake the bottle and apply this to your hand first. For best results, as I mentioned above I also recommend using a damp sponge to get a more flawless, even coverage, but overall this covers well but at the same time it still feels comfortable and natural looking on the skin.

Finally longevity wise I was really impressed with how this wore and if anything I thought this looked better as the day went on the only thing I would say though is because this is a serum-based foundation I do advise setting it with a little powder and carrying it with you for on the go touch-ups.

So if you prefer a lightweight foundation that's comfortable, natural looking and has a light to medium coverage then this is definitely for you! However, if you prefer a more full coverage foundation and you suffer from acne or you're prone to oily skin then I would say the Coverage Foundation would probably be a better option for you (I've linked both below). Either way, both foundations have an excellent shade selection and for the price what have, you got to lose!

I award The Ordinary Serum Foundation a 4.9 out of 5

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