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Primark Just Peachy Review and Photo's - Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection Dupes

Primark Just Peachy
Well, what can I say Primark have gone and done it again, this time with quite possibly the cutest collection to date. The Primark Just Peachy compilation is very reminiscent to a certain Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection, but is it really worth the hype??...
The collection consists of the,
-  Just Peachy Eyeshadow Palette £4
- Cheeky Peachy Blush & Highlight Palette £4
- Four Perfect Shine Lip Glosses in Forever Peach, Peach Bellini, Stayin' Peachy and What a Peach £2.50
- Four Peach Oil Lip Glosses in Peach Me, Sweet Peach, Peachful and Peach Forever £2.50
- Four Peach Shine Nail Varnish Shades in Peach N Cream, Too Peachy, Never Say Peach and Light Peach and All About The Peach £1.50
- Two-Piece Tweezer Set £1.50
- Four Pack Nail File Set £1.50
- Peach Mirror £2
- Peach Bath Sponge £1
- Peach Blender Sponge and Case £3
Primark Just Peachy Eyeshadow Palette
Primark What a Peach Lip Gloss
Primark Peachy Oil Lipgloss in Peach Forever and Sweet Peach
Primark Peachy Nail Polish in All About The Peach, Never Say Peach and Peach 'N' Cream
I think the packaging definitely speaks for itself as it's all so cute, peachy and eye-catching. I also adore all the names of everything, so sweet!
Primark Just Peach Sponge and Case
I also have to give the Just Peachy Makeup Sponge and Case a special mention as I've never come across such a handy little case to store your sponge in. Usually, when I travel I always end up wrapping my makeup sponge in a tissue and letting it get squashed by everything else in my bag and so this is perfect for protecting my sponge and the best part is it was only £3!

I will pop a link here and a link here to the mini sponges which I've already reviewed, just in case you want to know a little bit more about them and how they compare to other make-up sponges.
Unfortunately I couldn't get my hands on the eyeshadow palette, however, I did manage to get a photo of the 'messy' tester above for you guys if you are lucky enough to hunt this down!

Cheeky Peachy Blush & Highlight Palette - There are three shades within this palette including Peach Twist, a golden peach highlighter/blush topper, Peachin', a matte orange peach blush, and Sweet Peach, which is a light peach shimmery blush. If you've seen the live demo above then you'll know I decided to use the Peachin' matte blusher. first and then the Peach Twist highlighter over the top. Both were surprising pigmented, blendable and flattering on the skin.
What a Peach Lip Gloss - This applied beautifully to the lips and overall felt comfortable and non-sticky which is always a good thing in my books when it comes to gloss. This also has a lovely vanilla scent to it and I really loved the colour too as it's a super wearable everyday shade that can be worn alone or on top of a lipstick.
I wore both for just under 12 hours and I would say the blush had faded ever so slightly but the highlight still looked really great and apparent. I have since tried the other blush shade, Sweet Peach too and again this lasted most of the day with the exception of a little fading towards the end of the night.
The gloss as expected only lasted a few hours and so I did have to top this up throughout the day, but overall both products can be easily transported for on the go touch ups as the blush palette is super lightweight and the lip gloss is a handbag friendly size.
Overall Thoughts
Overall I adored this collection, the packaging is the sweetest, all of the names are adorable and the quality is surprisingly good considering the price of everything. Unfortunately, I didn't get to try everything from the collection but I have to say for me the blush palette really exceeded my expectations when it came to colour pay off and longevity. The lip gloss as I expected didn't wear the best however, I still really loved the colour, feel of the gloss and the fact it was scented too.

Finally, we have the cutest little make-up sponge holder which I think you can tell I loved! I've never actually seen a case for your sponge and so this is an instant hit in my eyes if you're a frequent traveller as it's perfect for keeping your sponge protected.

So if you've had your eye on the Too Faced Collection, but your budget won't quite stretch to the higher price tag, then this is definitely worth a look at if not for the eyeshadow and blush palette alone.

Primark you truly are on the mark when it comes to on-trend, affordability and quality and I'm already excited to see whatever you'll think of next!

I award the Primark Cheeky Peachy Blush and Highlight Palette 4.8 out of 5 and the Primark Perfect Shine Lip Gloss a 4.3 out of 5.

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