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Lidl Face Mask Maker Review and Demo

Lidl Face Mask Maker First Impression
You guys know I love sharing with you not only beauty steals but interesting new beauty launches and let me tell you the Lidl Face Mask Maker is no exception! But... is this just a total gimmick or a genius idea?? Let's find out...
The Lidl Face Mask Maker retails for a not so bad £34.99, it also comes with a 3 Year Warranty as well. Nonetheless, if you are interested in this I do recommend picking one up asap as I can't confirm if Lidl will bring this back in stock in the future.
What's Inside?
Inside you get,
- An Informative Booklet with your Warranty in.
- The Face Mask Maker and Mains Plug
- A Face Mask Mould
- Measuring Cup
- Small Cleaning Brush
- 24 Collagen Tablets

To make the masks you will also need some distilled water* and either, milk, fruit juice or yoghurt.
How does it work?
Firstly I suggest you watch the full and detailed step by step demo that I have linked below as I explain how and what to use, however, I will just give you a simplified overview below on how this works if you're looking to snap one up quickly.
The Face Mask Maker will allow you to make gel face masks with only a few ingredients in minutes!

1. Once you have the mask maker set up as I mentioned above you will need distilled water (I used Smart Water), any kind of fruit juice, yoghurt or milk (I used some Berry Smoothie diluted with distilled water) and the one collagen tablet (included, you can also re-purchase these if you run out).

2. Inside the booklet is plenty of tips and suggestions on what to use in your face masks depending on your skin type and what you want to achieve overall.

3. The booklet will additionally give you a step by step guide on exactly how to make your masks including measurements etc.
4. Once you have everything ready to go you place the juice, milk or yoghurt in the top of the maker along with the distilled water and one collagen tablet. Then all you need to do is press the start button and let the maker do it's magic! The whole process takes about 6 minutes.
5. When the mask is ready, the liquid is then poured directly into the mould. Once this is done you can then either place the mould in the fridge if you want a cooling mask or you can wait 5 minutes for it to set if you would prefer a warmer mask. I placed mine in the fridge as I love a more refreshing mask.
6. Finally, once your mask has fully set you can lift this out easily with a spoon and apply it to the face. It's recommended you leave the mask on for around 10-15 minutes, I left mine on for 15 minutes.

After I had removed the mask, I would say my skin looked a little glowy but it also felt a bit dry at the same time, however, I do recommend putting yours in the fridge as it did feel lovely and refreshing on the skin. The mask is also quite thick, heavy and delicate therefore I do recommend either laying down or cutting the face mask in half so that you can apply it in two parts.
Overall Thoughts
Overall I did really love the concept of this product and this is for sure unlike anything I've ever seen before, all the same, I do want to play around with this a bit more and test it out further with some different ingredients as I feel honestly it's not about the mask maker but more about what the masks can do for your skin and so I will keep you updated on this post over the next few weeks.

I also consider this pretty good value for money considering you get a 3-year warranty and you can make endless face masks from this, however the only thing I would say is that once you have used up your 24 collagen tablets you would need to re-order some more to be able to make further face masks and as of right now on the kompernass website where you order the tablets, I cannot see how much a new pot would cost.

So what do you guys think, would you buy this yourself or do you think this is just another gimmicky gadget!? Let me know your thought in the comments down below?...

I award the Lidl Face Mask Maker a 4.5 out of 5

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