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7 Drugstore Sheet Masks All Under £5 Tested and Reviewed

Best Drugstore Sheet Mask UK
This year there has been an explosion of Drugstore Sheet Masks coming to the market from Poundland to Primark, Simple to Aldi. So today in the 3rd post from my #drugstoreskincareweek series I'm sharing with you 7 New Drugstore Sheet Masks that are all under £5!
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sheet Mask Review
1. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrogel Recovery Mask £3.50 
The Hydrogel Recovery Mask is a two-piece gel mask which you leave on for 15-30 minutes. It claims to be an intensely hydrating and cooling mask that is infused with Hyaluronic Acid.

This was actually really easy to apply because it came in two parts and while on the face it felt comfortable, cooling and hydrating. Afterwards, my skin felt smooth and refreshed, however, I didn't feel this was an overly hydrating mask as per the claims. I left this on for 15 minutes but I think I would probably try this one again and leave it on for the maximum 30 minute time limit to see if it was any more hydrating. Nevertheless, this is an affordable and convenient pick me up mask.

Garnier SkinActive Charcoal Sheet Mask Review
2. Garnier SkinActive Pure Charcoal Black Tissue Mask £2.99* 
This Black Charcoal mask is well saturated and infused with ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Black Algae Extract and LHA. The SkinActive Mask is supposed to be pore-tightening, purifying and hydrating and to me, it certainly felt hydrating and refreshing while it was working its magic. I left this on for the required 15 minutes and afterwards my skin felt slightly taught, glowy and hydrated. I much preferred this to the Blue Garnier Moisture Bomb version I reviewed last year and I have to say this was one out of three favourites.

Primark Holler and Glow Sheet Mask Review
3. Primark Holler and Glow Holler Back £3 
If you've seen this fun brand at Primark then you'll know there are endless interesting looking sheet masks to choose from to target different concerns. This gold holographic mask is aimed to hydrate the skin and I have to say this was my favourite visually, however, I did feel this felt the most papery compared to the others I tested. Nevertheless, this was still very saturated and it smelt pleasant too. On the skin I found this to be hydrating and refreshing and although I did have a bit of trouble with it sticking to my lip and chin area, overall this definitely made my skin feel and look hydrated.

Aldi Sheet Mask Review
4. Aldi Lacura Moisture Complex Sheet Mask with Green Tea Extract £1.99 for 2 
The new Lacura Moisture Complex Masks come in 3 different scents including Green Tea Extract, Chamomile and Pomegranate and the best part is you get two for £1.99! The Green Tea Mask includes Hyaluronic Acid and Moisturising Serum and aims to intensely moisturise and refresh the skin as well as help it feel balanced and pure.

Again this is a well-saturated sheet mask that you leave on for 15 minutes. Initially I found this a little harder to apply as there were no slits to help it fit your face snugly and I have to say this did smell a bit odd too, but afterwards, my skin felt balanced, hydrated and moisturised which is always a bonus.

Poundland Sheet Mask Review
5. Poundland Derma V10 Hydrating Vitamin E Woven Face Mask £1 
Poundland do sheet masks I hear you say! Oh yes and spoiler alert this was one of my favourites! The Derma V10 Mask is a hydrating Vitamin E Mask infused with Aloe Vera that claims to hydrate, moisturise and improves the skin's texture.

Upon application the mask is well saturated and super soft to the touch, it's also lightly scented. I left this on for 15 minutes but you can leave it on for up to 20 minutes. On the skin, it felt beautifully refreshing and hydrating and after I had removed the mask my skin felt so smooth and moisturised.

Simple Rich Moistue Sheet Mask
6. Simple Rich Moisture Sheet Mask £2.99
This kind to skin mask has no harsh chemicals, artificial perfumes or colour and helps condition dry and dehydrated skin. When applying the mask I do advise taking extra care as it is very delicate to the touch and can stretch a little because it is so thin. However, this mask is divinely soft to the touch, refreshing and felt just like a second skin! I left this on for the required time of 15 minutes and afterwards my skin felt nourished, soft and smooth and this was definitely another one of my firm favourites!

Masque Bar Rose Gold Sheet Mask Review
7. Masque Bar Rose Gold Foil Sheet Mask £4.98*
The most expensive of the bunch this foil sheet mask claims to nourish and hydrate the skin and contains Witch Hazel Water, Soy Bean Extract and Mushroom Extract.

I did love the fact this was Rose Gold, however, this was quite a rigid mask to apply and consequently, I found it hard to shape around the face. The mask was drenched in a very watery liquid and smelt a bit chemically which I think was due to the Witch Hazel, but while on the face it did feel hydrating despite it not sticking to my chin! I left this on for the maximum time of 20 minutes and I have to say my skin did feel and look smooth refined and glowy afterwards.

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