Tuesday, 12 June 2018

ALDI Skincare Pamper Routine + Testing Primark KPOP Skincare

Aldi Lacura Skin Care
Let's talk about Aldi Skin Care, I discovered Aldi's Lacura line properly at the start of the year and I've been hooked ever since! So today in this second #drugstoreskincareweek post, I wanted to share with you my Pamper Night Time Routine using skincare products all from the Lacura brand. I'll also be testing out two products from Primark's K Pop Collection which I shared with you in my Primark Beauty Haul Video here.
1. ALDI LACURA CAVIAR FACIAL CLEANSING WIPES - First off I removed the majority of my eye makeup with the Aldi Caviar Wipes, then I went in with my favourite Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser over the eyes just to make sure I had got rid of everything properly. I then gently wiped away the cleanser with a warm flannel.
Aldi Caviar Facial Wipes

2. ALDI LACURA MUD TO FOAM CLEANSER - Next I used the Charcoal Mud to Foam Cleanser that I did a First Impression on a few months back here. I adore using this to remove my face makeup as it's wonderful at really deep cleaning the skin.
Aldi Mud to Foam Cleanser

3. ALDI LACURA HOT CLOTH CLEANSER - Once I've rinsed off the Charcoal Cleanser I then go back in with the Hot Cloth Cleaner all over my face. You can just use your fingers to massage the product in for a few minutes but if you've seen my recent Morning and Evening Skincare Routine here then you'll know I love using the Lidl Silvercrest Cleansing Brush as it really does help my skin feel super clean and smooth.
Aldi Hot Cloth Cleanser
4. ALDI LACURA CHARCOAL CLEARING MUDMASK - When I'm having a pamper night I love to do a clay mask, I used the Lacura Charcoal Mudmask which was also in my First Impressions Video that I've linked above. To apply this I used one of the Primark Mask Brushes which came in a set with a spatula, this is such a wonderfully affordable and hygienic set if you're not a fan of dipping your hands into pots. Speaking of Primark I also decided to try out the KPop Cooling Gerbera Eye Pads too, I kept the eye pads in the fridge beforehand so they were nice and cool when I went to use them.

UPDATE: I've been through several packs of these Eye Pads since I used them in this video and I'm obsessed! I've been using them every morning when I wake up while I meditate to de-puff and awaken my eyes. The pads are actually soaked in this beautiful serum that really hydrates and brightens the eye area and the best part is their only £1.50 for 3 sets!

Aldi Glamglow Dupe
5. PRIMARK KPOP DREAMY LIPS SCRUB AND MASK - After 10 minutes I washed off the mask and I decided I would test out the Primark KPOP Lip Treatment also. This is a Two-Step treatment. Step One is the exfoliating part which I used before I went in with all my other skincare products.

6. ALDI LACURA DAILY CLEANSING PADS - Next I ran one of the Lacura Glycolic Pads all over my face and neck, I've mentioned this before but these are a great dupe for the Nip & Fab ones.

7. ALDI LACURA MIDNIGHT POWER EYE CREAM - After this, I applied the Lacura Midnight Power Eye Cream all around the eye area.

8. ALDI LACURA GREEN TEA SHEET MASK - I then went in with one of Aldi's newest products the Lacura Green Tea Sheet Mask. There are actually 3 different scents to choose from and all of them come in a duo pack. I left the mask on for 15 minutes and afterwards, I massaged the remaining serum from the mask into my face and neck.
Aldi Sheet Masks
9. ALDI LACURA CAVIAR NIGHT CREAM - Once the serum had sunk into the skin I wanted to add an additional cream on top to sandwich in the moisture. I decided to use the Caviar Night Cream which I have a review on coming up on the blog next week.
Aldi Caviar Day and Night Cream
10. ALDI LACURA MIRACLE CREAM - Finally to finish I applied the Step 2 Part Lip Mask from the Primark K POP Sachet onto my lips and then I added a little of the Lacura Miracle Cream to a few blemishes I had.

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