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COLAB Dry Shampoo Mini Review & Photos

COLAB Dry Shampoo
I am defiantly a big fan of dry shampoo's they are my saviour when I am so busy that I don't have time to wash my hair that day. Over the past few years this amazing invention has become at the forefront of hair products with the option of different scents and root touch ups in one.
Here's my thoughts on the newest offering Co Lab.

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 I discovered Co Lab a couple of weeks ago and was excited to hear that this was developed by Ruth Crilly from a Model Recommends, which is another point for the #teaminternet phenomenon!

Co Lab comes in five scents each named after cities around the world, London, New York, Paris, Tokyo and Rio. Each scent comes in a 200ml and small travel sized 50ml, the 200ml retails for around £3.50 and the 50ml for £2, but if your keen to try this out I recommend purchasing the 200ml as this is better value for money.

I managed to pick up from what was left on the shelves, a regular size of Tokyo and Travel sized New York. This formula is described on the bottle as 'sheer invisible' which made my eyes light up as this is my one qualm about dry shampoos, sometimes you get that powdery residue left behind which always makes me look like I have grey roots!
Both of these scents smell amazing, like a gorgeous luxury candle or perfume you've sprayed through your hair and no powdery residue! They honestly smelt so fresh, light and invisible in my hair, it really did make me feel like I'd freshly washed my hair and no one would ever know the difference.

The packaging is eye catching and is more reminiscent of a high end branded dry shampoo but without the price tag.
For me I am really impressed by this product, Ruth has carefully thought out what is needed to make an amazing dry shampoo stand out. The scents are perfect, affordable, come in travel size, have a great selection to suit everyone and all hair types.  They also appeal to a mass market where time is of the essence and hectic lifestyles take over leaving little time to pamper ourselves.

I award CO LAB Dry Shampoo 4.9 out of 5
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