Thursday, 15 October 2015

Sephora Sleeping Mask - A little pot of magic

Sephora Sleeping Mask
While we were on honeymoon in Vegas we did a lot of walking in the scorching heat and a lot of eating, which don't get me wrong was great, but I think my skin didn't feel the same way about it. On one of my many trips to my happy place, Sephora, I discovered these little pots of sleeping mask magic that were beautifully displayed in an array of colours right by the checkout. They seemed like just the ticket and exactly what I needed to make my skin feel happy again.

Sleep Masks are something I've never tried before, nor have I ever heard that much about, so I decided to snap up the Pearl and Lotus pots to try, so here are my thoughts.
These Sleeping Masks* are from Sephora's own brand and they retail for $4 for 8 ml of product. The line consists of eight different colours and ingredients to target your specific skin needs and are as follows,
Pearl - Perfecting and Brightening (Pale Pink)
Lotus - Moisturising and Soothing (Pink)
Rose - Ultra-Moisturising and Brightening (Fuchsia)
Pomegranate - Anti-Fatigue and Energizing (Red)
Lingzhi - Anti-Aging and Smoothing (Orange)
Honey - Nourishing and Balancing (Tangerine)
Ginseng - Toning & Firming (Yellow)
Green Tea - Mattifying and Anti-Blemish
When I first picked these up I did think each pot only contained enough for one use, but as I discovered you can get about four uses from one little pot, as a little goes a long way, making them great value for money.
I used the Pearl one first as my skin looked tired and dull. Before I opened this I did imagine it to be a thick cream that took a while to sink in because of the name, but the mask felt refreshing, had a lovely gel-like texture and sank into my skin straight away. The next day my skin looked instantly brighter and refreshed.

These are a great little pick me up to have in your cupboard, for those skin emergencies or a big event. I just love the wide variety and selection Sephora has to offer to target most skin concerns and also the fact you can get more than one use from each sleep mask. These little pots of magic do exactly what they say on the tin, it's just a shame they don't come in a bigger size.

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