Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Revolution Ultra Strobe Balm Review & Photos

Revolution Ultra Strobe Balm in Euphoria
Revolution is a brand I discovered about six months ago and it's safe to say I have been obsessed with them ever since! When I'm out shopping I always make a bee line for the Makeup Revolution stand at my local Superdrug, to see what's new and to hunt down anything I haven't tried yet. This time my eyes lit up when I saw the words STROBE BALM, as I'm a total magpie when it comes to anything shimmery, illuminating and glittery. Now I'm already a big fan of the Radiance Lights Palette which is more of a subtle highlighting duo, but this Strobe Balm is a cream highlighter that illuminates the skin and cream highlighters is something I having delved into much, so here's my thoughts.
This retails for only £5.00 for 6.5g of product, which is great value for money if your after a more affordable highlighter to try out. The Ultra Strobe Balm also comes in two shades including Hypnotic, a yellow toned champagne shade and Euphoria, a pink pearlescent shade, which is the one I picked up.
The packaging is very simple, yet clear on what the product is and does. I also love the silver box and copper writing on the compact itself.
On the Revolution website it mentions you can actually use this wet as well as dry. I used this dry and applied this with my fingers to the tops of the cheeks, but you could also use this on the cupids bow, nose, or as an all over highlighter rubbed in well, under foundation. The product itself has a gorgeous light creamy texture that applies beautifully over the skin. I liked this best on the cupids bow and tops of the cheeks, but you could wear this on the cheeks underneath a powder highlighter to intensify the glow. For me this worked best with other cream and liquid products including a dewy foundation, cream or liquid blush and no face powder around this area.
Because of it's super creamy formula, this didn't last all day for me, so if you are going out at night, I would recommend popping it in your bag for touch ups or if you prefer, set it with a powder highlighter on top.
Overall Thoughts
I loved the pearlescent finish, ultra creamy consistency and affordable price tag of this strobe balm. I also really enjoyed the fact this product was versatile too, even though the consistency is a little bit slippery on the face, but if you use a little at a time and rub it in well, it makes for the most beautiful highlight for the cheeks if your not into powder highlighters. Overall this is a great multipurpose product to try if your an avid highlighter fanatic or you want to try out a cream formula but you don't want to spend loads on trying one out. For me Revolution continues to surprise me with quality, affordability and accessible on trend makeup products.

I award the Revolution Ultra Strobe Balm 4 out of 5

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Korean Animal Sheet Masks Review and Photos

Korean Sheet Masks
Korean skincare and make-up is everywhere right now, thanks to Korean brands such as Etute House and The Face Shop being more accessible, as well as other brands recreating there own versions of popular products including BB Creams, Cushion Foundations and Sheet Masks.

Just lately I've been totally obsessed with TK Maxx for not only their amazing homeware, but their tremendous selection of make-up and skincare, so much so that last week much to my excitement while delving through the treasure trove of products there, I came across a large selection of Korean Animal Sheet Masks. These caught my eye straight away, so of course I had to snap a pack up while they were available, as you know with TK Maxx if you see something and you don't buy it straight away you may not see it ever again! Now having only tried sheet masks once before from Sephora, I was intrigued by these Korean ones because of the hype behind Korean skincare especially, so here's my thoughts.
These retail for £4.99 for three sheet masks, which I think is great value for money as most sheet masks I've come across are more like £10 and upwards. These came in a few different animal faces, with each catering for a different skincare concern. I picked up the Cheer Up Skin, which helps brighten the skin.
Well what can I say, everything from the box, to the name to the sheet mask itself is adorable and totally eye-catching, although when I took these to the till, the lady thought this was a mask for your pet!
These are relatively easy and quick to apply, but if you are stuck there is instructions on the back of the box and sachet, but you could also google how to apply a sheet mask too.
Upon application, the mask itself was well saturated in the beneficial ingredients, but because of this it was a little tricky to put on and at first it kept slipping down my face. It advises to leave this on for 10 to 15 minutes and you can also keep this in the fridge before applying to the face too. After your time is up you can just throw the mask away and allow the rest of the serum from the mask to penetrate into your skin. I left this on for 15 minutes before taking it off, afterwards I left out my night time moisturiser as the serum was nice enough on the skin alone. This left my skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and brighter which was nice.
Channelling my inner Zebra as well as trying not to laugh!
Overall Thoughts
One thing I've found I like about sheet masks is they are defiantly less messy than your conventional face mask and they are also perfect if you haven't got much time to do a full on pamper routine. I really liked this particular sheet mask because of it's brightening properties as well as it being great value for money for three masks. I think the character aspect is fun and this defiantly differentiates it from your average drugstore face mask, but for me it's also about what's in the mask and what it can do for me. I'm defiantly keen to try a more wider variety of Korean skincare for you guys to see what really is the best from the rest and to help you out if your a little miffed on where to even start with Korean Beauty Products, so stay tuned for more reviews coming soon!

I award The Crème Shop Cheer Up, Skin! Sheet Mask 4.5 out of 5
If you don't have access to a TK Maxx or you can't find these within store, here's some other options online. SNP Cosmetic* and The Face Shop*.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Benefit Hoola Zero Tan Lines Review & Photos

Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines
To finish up my Benefit reviewing trio, I have the new Hoola Zero Tanlines to try out. This caught my eye of course because of the stunning packaging, but also because I am partial to a quick fix if I haven't got time to tan and I'm in need of an instant glow for a night out. Rimmel Instant Tan is usually my go to saviour, but with the release of this Benefit version, I wanted to see if a higher end version worked just as well as my affordable one, so here's my thoughts.
This retails for £19.50 for 147ml of product, which is expensive for an instant tanner, but I have to be honest the packaging alone sold this to me!
As I mentioned above the packaging is gorgeous as not only is the box stunning, but the tube inside is also packaged beautifully too. This also has a neat application sponge tucked away in the top for non messy tanning application.
Upon application this instant tan has a light gel texture and a lovely fresh, tropical smell. It's also fairly easy and non messy to apply because of the added sponge included, but it can be hard to blend seamlessly in places with the sponge only, so I would recommend using your hands to finish blending, making sure to either wear disposable gloves or washing them thoroughly after.
I was quite surprised at how light this looked initially, especially on my pale, freckly skin, but the colour is buildable so I ended up applying two coats which gave me a subtle matte, natural glow.
After application I had to wait a fair few minutes for this to dry properly and it did feel slightly sticky to touch in places, so if you are doing more than one coat, which I would recommend, I advise waiting a little in between coats.
The colour overall did stay on throughout most of my day until I was ready to wash this off.
Overall Thoughts
As I mentioned above this is expensive for an instant tan that only lasts until you wash it off, but the packaging did reel me in hook, line and sinker because of the gorgeous design, fresh tropical smell and nifty sponge applicator concealed in the lid.

The formula is nice if not a little a sticky and therefore I do recommend waiting for it to dry in between layers, as well as using a combination of the sponge to initially apply and your hands to finish, nevertheless this does last well throughout the day.

Overall I did like this for a more subtle quick fix, but I do think this is best suited to either paler skins who are only after a hint of colour or for anyone who wants to further enhance an existing tan. So if your hoping this will give you a deep, dark instant tan then the Hoola Zero Tanlines may disappoint you and therefore something like the Rimmel Instant Tan would be more suited as it has a great selection of darker shades, plus it's half the price!
I award the Benefit Hoola Zero Tan Lines 3.8 out 5

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Fake Tanning Tips - The Ultimate Top 10 Hacks

Top 10 Fake Tanning Tips & Tricks
Now I don't know about you but I love my daily dose of Vitamin D, although I do try and avoid the sun these days especially in peak hours, as well as ensuring I wear a high factor daily. But like most of us I do love a good tan because of the way it makes me feel and look and we all know fake tanning is defiantly the safer option overall.  However with so many on the market, as well as endless ways to apply self tan, it's hard to know, how and where to start. So today I wanted to share with you my Top 10 Fake Tanning Hacks, that hopefully have you covered whether your a first time tanner or you just want that instant glow.
Create your own 'Tanning Tool Kit' with all your essentials in one bag, that way you have everything to hand when you go to tan each time.
My tanning essentials include,
- Baby Wipes
- Tanning Mitt
- Moisturiser
- Vaseline
- Disposable Gloves
- Makeup Brush
- Tanning Sachets
- Face Tanner
- Gradual Tan Lotion
- Exfoliator
Be sure to exfoliate, moisturise and de-fuzz the day before you plan to self tan, so that way your skin is fully prepped and your tan is more likely to go on evenly. Make sure you also pay special attention to your elbows, hands, knees and ankles when exfoliating too.
While the tan is developing, it can sometimes transfer onto clothing, so ensure you wear either loose dark clothing, a onesie or anything old that you don't mind getting dirty.
If you haven't got time to tan then try using an instant tan for that on the spot sun-kissed glow. My favourite is the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan in Medium Matte as this gives great intense colour that stays on until you wash it off, it's also mega affordable too. 
The Benefit Hoola Zero Tan Lines is also a nice option if you want to enhance an existing, fading tan or you have paler skin that doesn't tan well and you always long for that subtle glow.
Face tanners have defiantly come a long way with so much more choice as well as added benefits. Two of my top picks are the Fake Bake The Face Anti-Aging Self Tanning Lotion because of it's anti-aging properties and the St Tropez Bronzing Face Lotion for it's quick drying, non-pore blocking benefits.
If you just want a subtle tan that's buildable too, then try mixing plain moisturiser with your favourite tanning lotion for the perfect radiant, gradual tan.
Let's face it tanning the back can be slightly tricky when you don't have anyone to help you out! But don't panic I have a quick and easy DIY Back Applicator that will help you tackle that back with ease! All you need to do is place a tanning mitt over a long handled body brush and secure at the bottom of the mitt with an elastic band, then your good to go.
Just before you go to tan, make sure to moisturise over the areas that your tan is more likely to take to, including the elbows, hands, inner arms, knees, ankles and feet, then moisturise again in the same areas to create a natural looking coverage.
If you prefer not to self tan your face, then there is plenty of alternative options to help you achieve that bronzed perfection. Some of my favourites and recent discoveries are the L'Oreal Cushion Bronzer for an affordable option or the Benefit Dew the Hoola which is a beautiful liquid matte bronzer.
If you have dark hair or you tint your brows, then sometimes applying your tan can slightly lighten these areas, so try using Vaseline around and on these parts to act as a barrier against the tan.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer Review and Photos

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer
Clinque is a brand that I've only dipped my toe into years ago when the 3 step skincare system was first popular. Apart from that, I can honestly say nothing ever jumps out at me that much to make me want to buy it until now. The Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer is one of Clinique's newest offering and it's also something I have heard a lot of hype about recently. This popular foundation also conceals too which I'm all for if it means cutting down the amount of make-up products I use in the morning, so here's my thoughts.
This retails for £25 for 30ml of product, which is actually great value for money for a premium foundation that in addition serves as a concealer too. It also comes in a whopping 21 shades to choose from, I picked this up in 2 Alabaster.
Although the packaging is not tremendously eye-catching, the box is very pretty and fitting with the whole Clinique brand overall. The foundation bottle itself is glass and comes with a really handy giant sized doe-foot applicator for hygienic and easy application.
Because of the wonderful applicator, it allows for non messy, direct application. The best method I found was dotting the product all over the face and then blending it out with a damp Beauty Blender. For more targeted areas, i.e redness, spots and dark circles, I went back in with a 2nd application and again blended this out with a damp sponge.
Although this is a medium to full coverage foundation, it blends out beautifully, revealing flawless, matte natural looking skin.
I actually tested this out in a few places because the foundation claims to stay true in humid climates and also be sweat proof. And for sure this defiantly did last well throughout a normal long day, a sudden downpour I got caught in and a very humid evening in Mexico, without dripping of my face or fading, which was a great relieve!
Overall Thoughts
I have to say this foundation impressed me a lot. Usually I'm not a fan of matte foundation, but this really changed my mind, because of how flawless it looked on the skin. It's also a great humidity proof, buildable foundation that covers well without the need for a concealer. And overall with an excellent shade selection and easy application I think £25 is an admirable price point for this high end gem of a foundation.

I award the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer 4.9 out of 5

Friday, 17 June 2016

Lancome La Vie Est Belle Review & Photos - My Wedding Perfume

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle
I've been meaning to talk about this perfume for a while now and I've now finally got around to it, as I bought a fresh bottle at Duty Free en route to our honeymoon destination recently. Firstly let me set the scent on how I discovered and fell in love with the La vie est belle fragrance. A few years back my husband and I took a mini break to Edinburgh to celebrate being together so long! lol Unbeknown to me when we were visiting Edinburgh castle, he actually got down on one knee and proposed!

For the whole trip I was in an absolute bubble of excitement and as we were waiting for our flight home, this lady at the airport handed me this beautiful pink fabric rose with a sample of a new perfume she was advertising. It wasn't till I actually walked away and smelt it, that I immediately fell in love with this romantic perfume and realised that this was going to be my Wedding scent and it was meant to be!

La vie est belle for me is romantic, pretty and floral with notes of vanilla, jasmine, Tonka bean and blackcurrant., but if you want a more detailed description of all of the notes, then Fragrantica has the best perfume explanations.
These days I mostly opt for an Eau de Parfum as I just find it lasts longer on the skin. So if you do like to invest a little more into fragrance then the Eau de Parfum is a better option, as you don't need to apply as much. This does also come in an Eau de Toilette too if you do prefer a lighter version, but whatever you choose here's a run down of all the prices, sizes and strengths.

La vie est belle Eau De Toilette - This look the same apart from the bottle is a little taller.
50ml - £49
100ml - £70

La vie est belle Eau De Parfum - This is the version I have and love.
30ml - £45
50ml - £64
75ml - £72
100ml - £84

La vie est belle Eau De Parfum Intense
30ml - £52
50ml - £69
75ml - £82

La vie est belle Legere Eau De Parfum
30ml - £39
50ml - £57

As you can see this is a pricey perfume, but totally worth it if your fond of feminine scents.
The packaging for me epitomizes femininity with it's beautiful delicate bottle and gorgeous white glitter and rose gold box. It also has two grey petals at the top of the bottle that represents the La vie est belle family. The mini version was actually in a Christmas Gift Pack along with a scented body lotion too, so if your after a purse friendly size, defiantly look out for the value gift sets at Christmas.
This has an easy to use spray nozzle like most perfumes, which is always nice. The mini version is a pour method which is ideal for on the go touch-ups.
I can only vouch for the Eau de Parfum, but this really does last beautifully on the skin for me personally.
Overall Thoughts
If you haven't already guessed, I absolutely love this perfume! This beautifully named fragrance just has the prettiest packaging as well as amazing longevity, despite it's expensive price tag. It's also a wonderful option if you are getting married because of it's ultra feminine and sweet smell.

Perfume is defiantly a personal choice, so if this sounds like your kind of scent, I would recommend testing this out to see how it smells and wears on your skin before investing.
I award the Lancôme La Vie Est Belle 4.9 out of 5
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