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L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover Concealer Palette Review & Photos

L'Oreal Total Cover Concealer Palette
The cult L'Oreal Infallible family recently released an add on to their collection in the form of the Total Cover System. The three step concept is designed to help you create the ultimate flawless looking base, using a variety of products including the new Full Coverage Foundation, Concealer Palette and Blender.

First up is the Total Cover Full Coverage Longwear Concealer Palette, so here's my thoughts...
This retails for £12.99 and comes with two correctors and three concealer shades that can be mixed or customised to suit your needs/concerns.
The packaging is striking, durable and informative, plus each pan has a decent amount of product in it too.
Upon application these are intensely pigmented and creamy, and so a little certainly does go along way. The great thing about this palette is the concealer shades can be mixed to create your own custom shade and the correctors are perfect to brighten and neutralise various concerns.

If you are using either of the correctors first, then it is recommended you press these onto the skin and then follow up with a layer of concealer on top to cover. I actually found these worked equally as well without the need for the concealer on top, however everyone has different concerns and so it's best to do what works for you ultimately.

I used the green corrector with a brush on my redness and a spot I had. I then used the purple under my eyes and finally I went in with the lightest concealer shade over the spot again with my finger. Lastly I finished with the Total Cover Foundation.
The concealers did a great job at keeping my redness, dark circles and spot at bay, thanks to their intense pigmentation.
Overall Thoughts
Out of all the concealer palette's I've tried in the past, I did like this the most, despite it being a little more on the expensive side for a drugstore concealer palette. The consistency and quality of each of the concealers is perfect, especially if you have a concern or area that needs that little extra coverage before foundation application. 

I do love how the three beige tones can be mixed to create your own custom shade however it would be great to see this palette in two shade options with a wider selection of colours to suit a larger audience. 

Longevity wise these really helped keep my concerns at bay and overall I think this is a fantastic drugstore concealer palette for anyone who prefers a more full coverage look or who likes to cover up anything from a spot, to rosacea and dark circles to acne. Either way this is a great palette to have on hand for all of those concealing emergencies! 

I award the L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover Concealer Palette a 4.3 out of 5 

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