Thursday, 25 January 2018

Glossier You Perfume Review and Photos

Glossier You Review
With the excitement of Glossier now available in the UK, it's certainly easier than ever to get your hands on products from this cult brand. Last year saw the launch of the first Glossier Perfume named simply 'Glossier You'. This thoughtfully formulated scent is designed to smell just like you! And with three strong base notes, this claims to be long-lasting and stay smelling the same throughout the day, so here are my thoughts...
Glossier You retails for £45 for 50ml. Unfortunately at the moment this only comes in the 50ml, but hopefully, this will be available in a larger size as well in the future.
I adore the packaging as it's simple, functional and of course totally Glossier!
The three base notes of Glossier You include Ambrox, Musk and Ambrette but there is so much more to this perfume than meets the eye so I will pop a link to it here* as Glossier do a much better job of explaining the true essence of this perfume.
Usually, with a perfume I spray it everywhere, I know I know this is not the best or right way, however, I'm always worried it won't last that long throughout the day. But... this perfume I actually sprayed sparingly and boy did this last so wonderfully! I could still smell this well into the evening and yes it's true the scent still smelled exactly the same as it did when I first sprayed it in the morning.
Overall Thoughts
Ok, I totally get the hype, Glossier You is perfection in my eyes! I love the thought and science behind this perfume and the fact it's exclusively designed for you. It's also feminine, individual and not to mention long-wearing and if you're a fan of warm musky scents then you will certainly love this.

I award the Glossier You Perfume a 4.9 out of 5

Glossier now ships to the UK with free shipping on orders £25 or more.


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