Thursday, 30 March 2017

L'Oreal Infallible Foundation Blender Review & Photos

L'Oreal Infallible Foundation Blender
In the last instalment of my L'Oreal Total Cover Reviews comes the Infallible Foundation Blender. This blender is designed to work with the Total Cover Foundation to create a flawless base, so here's my thoughts...
The Infallible Sponge retails for £5.99 and is available from Superdrug only.
The sponge comes boxed with instructions located on the back, on how to use and care for this. The actual blender is a lovely tear drop shape with a flat side and precise pointy tip.
In theory this seems like the most perfectly shaped blender that would work well with foundations, however in reality this isn't the best...

Upon application I used the sponge damp to apply the Infallible Total Cover Foundation, I think you'll have to watch my reaction to get a true feel for how this performed, but honestly this did nothing for me. I also tried patting the product on as I would with a beauty blender and although this was bouncy and felt lovely, unfortuantly non of the foundation blended into my face at all, it just sat on the top.

I also tested this out with a lighter foundation and tried swiping the product on using the flat edge, but again this did nothing to the overall finish of the foundation.

This sponge for me is very waxy to the touch and therefore it just doesn't absorb product the way a normal sponge would, which was a real shame as this had potential!
Overall Thoughts
I think you may have guessed this wasn't my favourite sponge I've ever used...

For me this just didn't distribute my foundation well, despite me trying this with several different types of foundations and applying it in a few different ways. However I did love the shape of this blender, and had this been made in a different material I think maybe this would have worked a lot better overall, as the shape was perfect.

In conclusion I think for the price there is certainly better sponges out there, including the Primark versions (dare I say it!) and if you've ever tried the Beauty Blender or the Real Techniques Sponges you'll know the texture of these is unlike anything out there on the market and that's why they perform so well.

I award the L'Oreal Infallible Foundation Blender a 1.5 out of 5

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