Friday, 1 November 2013

Ruby Wing Cupcakes and Champagne Polish Review, Swatches & Photo's

While on a recent Beauty trip I came across a brand called Ruby Wing Nail Polish which sells beautiful colour changing polish and is part of the well known Color Club Line.

I decided to try one of their mini sets from the Fall collection called Cupcakes & Champagne which are scented too.

From previous experience colour changing polish only seem to change one colour, dull brown! so I thought this would be interesting to see how far colour changing nail polish had come in the ever changing trend led nail world today.

Before and after colour change
Before and after colour change
Before and after colour change
Before and after colour change

Final Thoughts
I really enjoyed this set, the packaging was beautiful and great as a gift. The colours were pretty and delicate and the names of each polish really gave a true to life long lasting scent of a bakery!

With regards to the colour changing aspect, Cinnamon Bun changed a darker shade of it's original colour which was pretty, but the three lighter shades changed a similar grey tone, which was a shame as the colours looked a little different on the box to what they changed on the daylight. 

Overall this brand is really appealing to the eye and is unique in the fact that I haven't seen anything else like this in the UK yet, I would be interested to try more from the Ruby Wing range to see how they compare when changing colour out in the daylight to pictured on the box and it would be great to see more scented collections as I really liked this unique aspect of the Cupcakes & Champagne set.

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