Monday, 3 February 2014

Real Techniques Core and Duo-Fibre Collection Review and Photos

I bought my first Real Techniques Brush last year, I absolutely loved it and this left me pining for more! 
I received the Core and Duo-Fibre Collection for Christmas much to my excitement and they have now become a staple in my make-up kit! 

PRICE - The Core Collection costs £21.99 and the Duo Fibre set costs £23.99, both are really reasonable and great value for money for 3-4 brushes in each set considering one premium make-up brush can retail from £15 upwards.

PACKAGING - The packaging is simple on the front so you can see exactly what brushes your buying and on the back it describes which brushes you get and what they are used for, I also love how Sam has tutorials on YouTube on how to use each brush, very informative and useful for any make-up brush novice.
The Core Collection also comes with a case to store your brushes in and is travel friendly, which is great for any organized tidy freaks.

TEXTURE & APPLICATION - The labelled bushes and tutorials make using the brushes a breeze, it took me a while to get used to some of the brushes I had never used before, but now I love them all, they feel soft on the face and have a lovely long handle which is covered half in rubber which gives you great grip when applying make-up.

OVERALL THOUGHTS - It is great to see an expert make-up artist produce brushes that anyone can use, with amazing quality and budget friendly prices. Every brush has a specific use and is not just your bog standard eye shadow or face brush that doesn't apply make-up well. Sam really understands real women and what they need from a make-up brush which makes applying make-up easy and flawless.

I award the Real Techniques Brushes 5 out of 5


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