Monday, 15 September 2014

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade Review & Photos

This has been a product on my Pinterest wishlist for a while now, so I was beyond excited when I finally got my hands on this! The Dipbrow Pomade is fast becoming one of those iconic products every girl should have in her make-up bag.
Here are my Thoughts.
Sephora do ship to the UK

I did find this in the UK for £4 more so if you can get it in the US it's worth saving the £4!
On the Sephora website, this retails for $18/Around £11, which I think is really affordable for 4g of product.
This comes packaged in a round glass screw-top jar which is boxed. The jar contains 4g of product, on the box, it mentions to keep the lid on and screwed tightly so that it doesn't dry out when not using.
The Pomade is also Waterproof, smudge free and perfect for oily skin types, it comes in 8 shades which is amazing for a brow product.
I used a Crown angled brow brush to apply this, upon application I found the product to be super pigmented and it had a thick, creamy consistency to it. I found a little goes a long way so it's better to pick up a tiny bit on your brush, then wipe off the excess on the lid before applying to your brow.

This was easy to apply with a brush and it filled in all the sparse areas I had perfectly. I usually use a brow pencil, powder and brow gel to fill in my brows but for me, this is a multi-tasking product as it defiantly does almost everything you want it to in one brow product, which is great.
This had amazing staying power, it did not budge throughout the day, I didn't have any transfer, smudging or colour fade and this lasted a good 10 hours.
 My only negative would be I have quite long brow hairs that form the shape of my brow and they tend to stick out of my shape throughout the day, if not set with a gel, so I would need to add a Brow Set Gel to my routine and to complete the look for the hairs to stay in place all day.
Overall Thoughts
For me this is an iconic product in the making, it has everything a brow product should have and more! Its great value for money for the amount of product you get, the shade range is extensive to suit all skin colours, it has amazing staying power and fills in all those sparse areas with ease and only using this one product.

I just advise less is more when applying the product and a Brow Set Gel may be needed if you have long brow hairs like me to make sure your shape stays put all day long.

I award the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade 4.8 out of 5
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