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Bootea Teatox Review and Photos

Bootea Teatox
I'm always on the lookout for new and innovative natural healthy food and drink to try and recently came across this very interesting looking Bootea. I had noticed quite a few pictures of it on Instagram and was curious to try it out as I saw a lot of positive feedback on the product.
Bootea is an all natural herbal tea that assists in the detox of your body's unwanted waste and aids in a healthy lifestyle. Don't be fooled this is not a diet tea and this is what I like about this brand. I don't believing in dieting and follow the 80/20 rule, I stay healthy 80% of the time including working out 4-5 times a week, but I don't deprive myself from naughty stuff, if I want it I will have it, I believe balance is the key.
Please read Bootea's Disclaimer before purchasing any of their kits, as they are not to be used as a replacement in any way.
What do you like to do to stay healthy?
The price will depend on how many days you would like to do the teatox for, here are the options,
14 Day Detox -  includes 14 Daytime Detox tea bags and 7 Bedtime Cleanse tea bags and retails for £19.99 plus £3.99 standard P&P. This works out at £1.14 per tea bag.
28 Day Detox - includes 28 Daytime Detox tea bags and 14 Bedtime Cleanse tea bags and retails for £37.99 plus P&P but at the moment this is in the sale for £34.99. This works out at around 93p per tea bag.
You can also buy the Daytime and Bedtime teas separately with 14 tea bags in each at £10.99 plus P&P.
As I did this with my fiancé we decided to purchase the 28 day detox and share the detox over 14 days, which is a cheaper way of doing it if there's two of you.
For me this is a little pricey compared to buying a pack of normal green tea, especially the P&P as the packs are light as anything! But this is not something your going to drink everyday and it is specially formulated in the aid of detoxing.
The tea bags come in a pouch labelled with which is the daytime and bedtime tea. They have clear instructions on what to do and what is in each tea bag.
Bedtime Cleanse Tea
The tea bags contains loose leaves which are wrapped in a silky triangle netting to prevent you from getting the loose tea in your mug. Unfortunately one of our daytime tea bags had come apart when we received it which was a shame but we did manage to salvage it to use.
The Teatox
We started this on a Saturday as it does mention on the Bedtime Cleanse that some of the ingredients may act as a laxative, so safer to start when you don't have anything on!

You drink one daytime detox tea every morning upon waking and the bedtime cleanse every other evening, let your tea bag brew for three minutes then throw away the tea bag. It is also advised to try and avoid meat throughout the process as it helps you achieve maximum benefits of the teatox, we just switched to Quorn products throughout the two weeks.

Bedtime Cleanse - When I tried the first bedtime tea it didn't smell or taste that appealing, but after the 2nd tea I could taste the Peppermint leaves and this actually turned out to be a lovely calming tea to have before I went to bed.

Daytime Detox - This was my favourite tea as I could taste the lemongrass, it also had Nettle in it which is great for the tummy.

The TMI bit! - Towards the end of the 1st and into the 2nd week I did experience the laxative effect on a number of times, it did feel like I was having a colonic on a regular basis! But it felt great to know that the tea was really working and clearing out my nasty toxins.
Overall Thoughts
Overall I have really enjoyed doing the teatox, both my fiancé and I didn't do it to loose weight but to detox which we do at least twice a year anyway. I defiantly feel lighter and less bloated and yes another TMI bit, it did help me go more regular which felt great!
The teas where lovely and I will miss having a cup of teatox in my daily routine.
I defiantly recommend this as an addition to a healthy lifestyle if you just feel you need a detox or have something special coming up to aim for, but do be warned it does make you go so best to be in your own home if you can!
If you have any questions their website is super informative or you can also tweet them at,
The only thing for me was the price of the P&P, £3.99 is a little pricey for such lights packets of tea.
I award the Bootea Teatox 4.5 out of 5
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