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Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in Afternoon Tea, Review and Photos

Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in Afternoon Tea
Recently I finally got around to trying one of Tanya Burr's exciting new lip gloss's from her range, my fiancé actually bought me this for Christmas and I must say he has an eye for lip gloss colours as he picked out a beautiful shade called Afternoon Tea. Here's my thoughts.
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These retail for £6.99 each and are available from Feel Unique and Superdrug, I think this is a great price point for Tanya's gloss as it reflects her target audience, meaning whether your 14 or 40 it's an affordable, accessible price for anyone to get their hands on. They also come in 20 shades so there's defiantly a shade for everyone.

I have to be honest when I first saw these glosses in photo's I did think the packaging looked a little cheap, but seeing them in the flesh I was really impressed how sophisticated and sleek they looked with an added touch of cuteness. On the lid of the wand, there is a pretty pink heart logo, which again caters for Tanya's teenage fans, but also her older viewers with the clean looking packaging.
This smells divine like sweet sherbet laces and if you have a sweet tooth like me then you'll love the smell of this gloss. The doefoot applicator is a great size to apply the lip gloss with, it's also quite bendy which helps really apply the gloss with ease. The gloss itself is a really nice pink/nude and is not too thick or sticky in consistency.

I applied this at 12pm and by 2pm it had faded slightly but not too much, after lunch I did have to re-apply although the colour was still apparent after eating. By 7pm it was still on slightly and if I had been going out I would of had to re-apply again, but I think this is reminiscent of any Lip Gloss due to the nature of the consistency.
Overall Thoughts
I have to say I really did fall in love with this gloss, the colour was amazing, the consistency is just right and the price point is perfect. I think it's amazing how all these You Tubers are releasing such great quality and well thought out products, maybe it's because they know their primary customer so well and they are real life people who interact with their audience on a personal level.

Tanya has a great selection of colours to choose from that anyone can wear and I'm excited to see what she decides to release next in her rapidly growing brand, she really knows what works for her and she deserves the success she has achieved so far.
I award the Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in Afternoon Tea 4.8 out of 5
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