Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue Review and Photos

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue
As you may already know one of my favourite drugstore brands is Maybelline and I'm especially partial to a Baby Lips Lip Balm. Here in the UK we are always a little behind with new drugstore make-up, so I was excited discover that they finally released the Baby Lips Dr Rescue collection and I just couldn't resist snapping these up! Here's my thoughts.
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These retail for £3.49 each which is 50p more than the Original and Electro collections, this is still a great price for more than just your regular drugstore lip balm. The collection is made up of six different lip balms included five tinted and one clear, unfortunately we only have four out of the six available here at the moment which includes Too Cool, Just Peachy, Coral Crave and Pink Me Up. These are available from most drugstores, I purchased mine from Superdrug.
The Dr Rescue packaging is defiantly one of my favourite designs and what I can say I am a sucker for cute packaging, this can be the selling point for me! Each balm comes in a sleek white twist up tube with a coloured title lid to represent each tint, reminiscent of all Baby Lips collections.
Maybelline Dr Rescue Too Cool
Maybelline Dr Rescue Just Peachy
Maybelline Dr Rescue Coral Crave
Maybelline Dr Rescue Pink Me Up
All of these lip balms have a menthol/medicated smell which does remind me of Lockets throat sweets! When I first applied the balms they had a slight tingle sensation on the lips which didn't last, the consistency is thin, but felt moisturising. Three out of the four balms are tinted very slightly and just add a very subtle colour to your lips.  
Here's the order of pigmentation for each colour.
1. Just Peachy - Most Pigmented
2. Pink Me Up
3. Coral Crave
4. Too Cool - No pigment
These are essentially a lip balm and did come off more or less straight away, so I did have to re-apply throughout the day. Although these did moisturise they didn't intensely moisturise my lips for 12 hours as mentioned on the packaging. I feel a more thicker, concentrated lip balm works better for me when I have really dry lips and these are more of an everyday balm.
Overall Thoughts
I admit the packaging sold these to me initially and I do like the other baby lips collections if not purely for their packaging. As these were a little more higher in price I did expect them to work like a more intense balm tackling my dry, flaky lips, but unfortunately this was not the case. The price point is great and Maybelline have it on point when targeting their audience with eye catching packaging and advertisements, sadly though these didn't live up to their 12 hour moisture and medicated claim. These for me will be my handbag, car and vanity staple just to have on hand when I'm in need of a quick lip balm fix.
I award the Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue 3 out of 5
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