Tuesday, 24 February 2015

O.P.I Original Nail Envy - The Nail Envy Family

O.P.I - Nail Envy
My nails have been a bit unhappy just lately, they do take a battering from the cold weather and the constant nail polish I apply to them. Nail treatments for me are a fundamental part of making your nails happy and a cuticle oil, good hand cream and nail strengthener can make a world of difference.

Finding a nail strengthener that works for you is a mean task as they are so many on the market and how do you know what works for someone else is going to work for you. I discovered O.P.I Original Envy about six years ago now and I've never looked back. For me this is the ultimate nail strengthener, yes it is pricey, but if you know me by now, you know I like to find an offer some how, some where. The best deal I've found is on QVCUK in the form of a duo, which included the Original Nail Envy and Avoplex together for £23.45 including P&P. 

O.P.I Original Nail Envy
Nail Envy works as a treatment for your nails, the idea is you apply two coats at the start of the week, apply another coat every other day and then you remove the treatment at the end of the week and start again. I use this as my base coat and you can also use it on top of colour as it has air pockets that help the nails breath.
O.P.I Matte Nail Envy
O.P.I Original Nail Envy is the best, but I also like the matte version as a maintenance base coat, plus it also helps your colour pop a bit more too. The mini Nail Envy is a pink version, that as far as I know is only sold in the UK on QVCUK. This again is a great maintenance formula and looks pretty on bare nails as it just adds a hint of colour.
O.P.I Pink Nail Envy
Do you swear by another nail strengthener, I'd love to know, let me know in the comments below or tweet me.

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