Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Revolution Ultra Metals Ultra Flat Contour Brush Review and Photos - RT Bold Metals Dupe

Revolution Ultra Metals
Make-up brushes can be the best investment to make when it come to applying your makeup, as they can totally change how a product looks on the face, but I hear you brushes can be expensive sometimes.

I recently reviewed the Real Techniques Bold Metals range, which is the big premium sister to the original core collections. And although these where amazing brushes, they are pretty pricey, so I wanted to find some budget alternatives. I had a viewer recently recommend to me Revolution make-up which is an affordable drugstore range that also sells brushes, which look very much like the RT Bold Metals Range. I picked up this contour brush to try first, so here's my thoughts.
This retails for £9.99 and can be found on the Revolution website or Superdrug. It's also way over half the price of the Real Techniques version.
I absolutely love the rose gold packaging, how could you not! The brush also comes boxed with a detailed description on the back on what this can be used for. The brush itself is weighty, with quite a chunky medium length handle, it also has beautifully soft synthetic bristles and is ideal for contouring or face baking.
This brush helps make contouring easier because of it's flat short bristles. I did initially use this to contour all over my face, but found this worked better for contouring the cheeks and jawline or baking under the cheeks as it is quite a large contouring brush.
Overall Thoughts
Although this was my first time using a flat contour brush, I really found this one so easy and a pleasure to use. The synthetic bristles are beautifully cut to help make contouring a breeze and it also helps that this brush is super soft on the face. I absolutely love the rose gold packaging, but I do think the handle is maybe a little bulky to grip on to. Overall this brush is a great price point and is perfect if your a beginner to the contour game. I defiantly look forward to trying more brushes from the Revolution family, so I will keep you updated!

I award the Revolution Ultra Metals Flat Contour Brush 4.5 out of 5
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