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Fake Tanning Tips - The Ultimate Top 10 Hacks

Top 10 Fake Tanning Tips & Tricks
Now I don't know about you but I love my daily dose of Vitamin D, although I do try and avoid the sun these days especially in peak hours, as well as ensuring I wear a high factor daily. But like most of us I do love a good tan because of the way it makes me feel and look and we all know fake tanning is defiantly the safer option overall.  However with so many on the market, as well as endless ways to apply self tan, it's hard to know, how and where to start. So today I wanted to share with you my Top 10 Fake Tanning Hacks, that hopefully have you covered whether your a first time tanner or you just want that instant glow.
Create your own 'Tanning Tool Kit' with all your essentials in one bag, that way you have everything to hand when you go to tan each time.
My tanning essentials include,
- Baby Wipes
- Tanning Mitt
- Moisturiser
- Vaseline
- Disposable Gloves
- Makeup Brush
- Tanning Sachets
- Face Tanner
- Gradual Tan Lotion
- Exfoliator
Be sure to exfoliate, moisturise and de-fuzz the day before you plan to self tan, so that way your skin is fully prepped and your tan is more likely to go on evenly. Make sure you also pay special attention to your elbows, hands, knees and ankles when exfoliating too.
While the tan is developing, it can sometimes transfer onto clothing, so ensure you wear either loose dark clothing, a onesie or anything old that you don't mind getting dirty.
If you haven't got time to tan then try using an instant tan for that on the spot sun-kissed glow. My favourite is the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan in Medium Matte as this gives great intense colour that stays on until you wash it off, it's also mega affordable too. 
The Benefit Hoola Zero Tan Lines is also a nice option if you want to enhance an existing, fading tan or you have paler skin that doesn't tan well and you always long for that subtle glow.
Face tanners have defiantly come a long way with so much more choice as well as added benefits. Two of my top picks are the Fake Bake The Face Anti-Aging Self Tanning Lotion because of it's anti-aging properties and the St Tropez Bronzing Face Lotion for it's quick drying, non-pore blocking benefits.
If you just want a subtle tan that's buildable too, then try mixing plain moisturiser with your favourite tanning lotion for the perfect radiant, gradual tan.
Let's face it tanning the back can be slightly tricky when you don't have anyone to help you out! But don't panic I have a quick and easy DIY Back Applicator that will help you tackle that back with ease! All you need to do is place a tanning mitt over a long handled body brush and secure at the bottom of the mitt with an elastic band, then your good to go.
Just before you go to tan, make sure to moisturise over the areas that your tan is more likely to take to, including the elbows, hands, inner arms, knees, ankles and feet, then moisturise again in the same areas to create a natural looking coverage.
If you prefer not to self tan your face, then there is plenty of alternative options to help you achieve that bronzed perfection. Some of my favourites and recent discoveries are the L'Oreal Cushion Bronzer for an affordable option or the Benefit Dew the Hoola which is a beautiful liquid matte bronzer.
If you have dark hair or you tint your brows, then sometimes applying your tan can slightly lighten these areas, so try using Vaseline around and on these parts to act as a barrier against the tan.
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